30 Day Shred – Week 1

This first week has been a bit mixed. I’ve definitely learnt that I don’t work out as hard when I don’t had a trainer with their eye on me! The start of Shred has also coincided with JHogg being injured, leaving me doing all the housework and child care. He is feeling much better now so hopefully I’ll have less excuses next week!

  • Day 1 – I had naively thought that since I had been doing other exercise for the last few months that I wouldn’t find shred as hard as I did the first time around. I was wrong! I’d forgotten quite how tough it was – instant regret for starting this whole thing!
  • Day 2 – No better than day 1 really. The push-ups are what really get it, so it doesn’t help that they are what you start with!
  • Day 3 – I skipped it as I had Mummy FITT on in the morning when I would usually do Shred. I figure there’s only so much exercise I can do.
  • Day 4 – The cardio and ab exercises don’t particularly bother me, but I was finding the strength work outs pretty hard even with just 1kg weights. I was sore from Mummy FITT already which didn’t help. In my infinite wisdom I then went to kettlebells that night which was really tough! The instructor has challenged me to try and learn how to do a 1 legged squat so that should be amusing!
  • Day 5 – I had to take a day off. Shred on top of my other workouts was just too much and I needed to let my muscles recover! I still did well over 10,000 steps though so I feel it shouldn’t set me back particularly.
  • Day 6 – JHogg was sitting on the sofa laughing at me as I did it in the morning. That was horrifically unhelpful and he has been banished form all future work outs!
  • Day 7 – Another day off. I’m definitely getting lazy! It wasn’t intentional but it is Sunday and we just had a lot on. Piglet refused to nap so we ended up taking a walk instead. Over 14,500 steps so again, I feel like I still was active enough!

I’ve opted to not compare my weight or size directly from start to finish. Instead I will gauge progress on how I feel and the fit of my clothes…… or I’ll try to anyway!

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    The 30 day shred is HARD! I’ve done it many times now, I actually really enjoy level 3! It’s good to let your body and muscles recover for a day or a two! I had fab results from this. I actualy ended up doing 30ds twice right off and I lost 15lbs in total but I was also walking 10k steps day 4-5 days a week and eating proper healthy, too! Good luck! xx #TheList

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      wow twice in a row is pretty hard core! As I have a pooch I rarely do less than 8k steps – usually over 10k. I don’t have 15lbs to lose….. I’d look a little silly! But I do want to shift the weight around to the right places and gain some muscle

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    Oh, good luck with it, this brought it all back for me! I absolutely hate the 30 day shred, but I can’t deny it’s effective. Level 2 I swear is the worst! I never did it every day if I was doing other exercise alongside it – it’s way too much for my muscles to take! #TheList

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      Yes I’m doing level 2 now and it’s tough going! I’ve needed more breaks this week though – couldn’t sustain it

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