30 Day Shred – Week 2

30 day shred week 2

So…..errr…. turns out I’m a bit rubbish at this. I have zero discipline when it comes to exercise!

  • Day 8: Managed to get myself in gear and do the workout. Noticed myself slacking off a bit, particularly in the strength exercises, so I tried to stop that. It worked…. kind of.
  • Day 9: I suddenly became really conscious that I only had 2 days left of level 1 and that cheered me up a bit. There was some serious face licking going on from the dog whenever I lay on the floor.
  • Day 10: Massive fail. I was rushing around getting JHogg to work early so I could get back in time for my Mummy FITT. We rushed out the door…. and discovered the class time had been changed and I hadn’t see the notice on Facebook. Ugh. I’d already skipped Shred for the day as I anticipated being at the class so it was just a write off.
  • Day 11: The fail continues. I woke up horrifically unmotivated to do Shred, but as I had a kettlebells class booked for the evening I wasn’t too worried as I knew I’d get a workout in later. We then had a bit of a babysitting fail so I couldn’t make it to the class…. another day wasted.
  • Day 12: I figured I’d better stop slacking so I did Shred in the morning while Piglet napped. I started level 2 and found it marginally more enjoyable than level 1.
  • Day 13: I was running around like a mad woman getting Piglet ready for a sleepover and trying to find something to wear that wasn’t covered in baby sick (found something…. had to change it again just before I went out the door). In short – I was lazy and didn’t do it. I did walk home after the beer festival though and got over my 10,000 steps. So not a complete waste.
  • Day 14: Day after a rare night out – enough said. We did walk along the beach front though and I came in just under 10,000 steps which surprised me. No excuses though really.

Must try harder! Half way through now!


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    I lost two stone last year with running (or shall we say light jogging…) 1 mile everyday. I would either be up super early or do it inbetween getting home from work and picking up Holly.

    I hated it. I hate running but when you done it first thing in the morning, it really did make you feel better 🙂 even though I hate to admit it. Then once you see the reults starting to appear and the jeans getting looser. ind of makes it worht it i suppose lol.

    Keep it up! Good Luck!

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      I tried running a few years ago. JHogg and I used to get up and do a mile before work in the morning (getting up at 5am!) and at the weekends I’d do 2 miles. It was awful! I lost weight running but it doesn’t give me the tone I’m looking for. Doing it first thing in the morning definitely helps though!

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    Ooo interesting, I have this dvd and have never made it past the first level, no matter how motivated I am! Something always comes up and I end up missing a day, then another, then another, then it’s been 2 weeks and I feel like I need to start it again. Good luck with the rest of the programme, you have inspired me to dig out my dvd and give it another go! #twinklytuesday
    Abi recently posted…Baby Got Back…and Moved!My Profile

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      I’m definitely preferring level 2 – give it a try!

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      I do try to get my 10,000 a day – its tough though!

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      It’s impossible to get down on the ground without his input! Sneaky little pooch

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    I don’t consider a couple missed busy days as failures! As long as you get up and try again the next day that is the main thing. If it becomes a succession of days now thats another story! Well done. keep it up! #weekendblogshare

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      Thanks – I’m trying! On the days I skip Shred I am really trying to make sure we do a lot of other activity to make up for it

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    Good work! The running back from a beer festival made me laugh out loud! How are you getting on now? I’m trying to do 2 classes a week but it’s hard isn’t it?
    Kimberly x

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      I have significant pain in my knees so I’ve had to reign it right in for a while. I’m now just doing the Mummy FITT class once a week which is fun, but not the most strenuous!

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