30 Day Shred – Week 3

30 Day Shred - Week 3

Read about the first 2 weeks here and here.

This week was a bit better. I think classes are definitely the way forward for me though, I need to accountability of an instructor!

  • Day 15: Carrying on after the busy weekend. I did not badly and felt pretty fresh afterwards.
  • Day 16: Managed to squeeze in Shred in the morning. I did go to the cinema in the afternoon though so probably ruined all the hard work with popcorn!
  • Day 17: I paid attention this week and actually made it to Mummy FITT on time. It was an incredibly hard session, I felt a bit sick in the middle of it! I powered through but was glad when it was done. Piglet fell asleep in the pram as I walked home so we detoured through the park to keep him sleeping longer. My step count was over 12,000 which was fab.
  • Day 18: I had planned to do Shred in the morning but I was so sore from the day before. I went to kettlebells in the evening (still waddling) and the Mummy FITT instructor was there. Thankfully she told me she was also really sore so at least I wasn’t the only one! It was another tough class using 2 kettlebells at once, really working on my arms.
  • Day 19: It was a real struggle but I managed to do Shred in the morning. It loosened up some of my muscles from the exercise the days before which was nice while it lasted!
  • Day 20: I always knew this weekend would be a right off as far as dedicated exercise goes. We were focussing on DIY as we really want our living room finished. I cleaned the whole room it was very dusty from sanding down the woodwork earlier in the week. We then gave the walls a base coat of paint. Although it wasn’t Shred it was still a fair workout!
  • Day 21: I spent the morning stripping wallpaper. The joys of renovating! Again no Shred but my priorities are a bit different at the weekend. This should have been the day I started Level 3 but I’ll get to it on Monday!

I worked out 5 days out of 7 this week so that’s a win in my book! I put on an pair of jeans that are a size smaller that what I usually wear and they fit me nicely – so that is great! Its hard to say whether its related to Shred or just general life style. But something is working! 10 days of Shred left – lets do this!

Run Jump Scrap!

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    5 out of 7 days is pretty inspirational I think and to be fair I’d add those days of stripping wallpaper in too, that’s hard work. #bestandworst

    1. // Reply

      bonus – that makes it 6 out of 7 then 😉

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    Well done! I think once you get into a habit it becomes a lifestyle. I started going to the gym and classes 4 days a week and have been doing it for a few months now. It was so hard to begin with but now just becomes part of my diary of events #bestandworst
    Busy Working Mummy recently posted…Happy belated 1st blog-iversaryMy Profile

    1. // Reply

      I think you’re right. Kettlebells is just what I do on a Thursday. Shred is more difficult as I’ve no accountability other than myself so it’s easy to not bother if I’m not in the mood!

    1. // Reply

      Thanks – my aching body tells me I’ve been working hard haha

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