30 Day Shred – Week 4

I took on the challenge of 30 Day Shred in order to work on my post baby body. It is tough going, this post shares how I coped with the 4th week

Well…… I tried right?

  • Day 22: I forgot I was meant to be doing level 3 so did level 2 again – whoops!
  • Day 23: I started swimming lessons with Piglet in the morning so Shred just didn’t really happen.
  • Day 24: I squeezed in Shred early on – the way I planned when I decided to do this in the first place!
  • Day 25: I didn’t bother with Shred as I knew I had kettlebells in the evening. We had a stand in instructor and the class was much easier than usual
  • Day 26: Instead of Shred I went down to the beach with my sister and nephews. Definitely not as strenuous but way more fun!
  • Day 27: We met up with some friend and took our dogs for a nice long walk along the beach. Walking in the sand carrying a 7kg child was my main workout for the day! We followed it up by stripping the rest of the wallpaper – my arms are so pleased that is finished now.
  • Day 28: No excuses – it just didn’t happen.
  • Day 29: Piglet was up bright and early so I fit Shred in before we headed out for the day. I found it fairly tough going – I think that is probably  because my body is pretty tired after a month of regular exercise.
  • Day 30: I’d like to say I ended on a high – but it was another swimming day so Shred was a fail

So 30 days are up. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but I did what I realistically expected.

I realised that I’m just not dedicated enough to work at home! I need the accountability of an instructor to make me push myself, so I’ll be sticking to Mummy FITT and kettlebells for the foreseeable!

Body wise, I think I have changed a bit over the last month. I am able to wear a smaller size of jeans which is great. It’s by no means a significant change – but its a start!

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    Awww well done you! Maybe you didnt do it every day, but you did it as much as you could, and you did loads of other stuff too. I think a smaller jeans size is definitely a result. High five to you! Emily #bestandworst

    1. // Reply

      Its hard to say if I would have dropped a jeans size anyway with the general activities of summer – but its nice either way!

  2. // Reply

    Ohh you are doing really well, look forward to the next update! Thanks for linking up 🙂 #bestandworst

    1. // Reply

      Thank you – I’m glad its over with now though!

    1. // Reply

      I figure there’s no point in writing a blog if I’m not going to be honest 🙂

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