Sometimes money can be tight, and you need to get yourself a little bit of extra income. It can be hard to find a full-time job in the current economy, and so we have come up with a list of some of the things that you can do if you fall on hard times. Everything on this list is going to be easy to do, and doesn’t require you spending shed loads of money to do so. If you are interested, keep reading to find out what my suggestions are.


The first thing that I would suggest to you is to take up blogging. This is going to be the easiest money that you will ever make once your blog becomes popular enough. The great thing about blogging is that you can write about whatever you want. If you have traveled the world, there are people who would love to hear about your adventures. If you are a mum, there are plenty of parents out there who could relate to you. The list of possibilities is endless and that is why you should consider taking this up.

4 Jobs You Can Take Up When You Fall On Hard Times

It might take you a little while to build up enough of a viewer base to get paid, but this is always a possibility. You never know how well your blog is going to do, but as long as you are posting frequently, there is no reason for it to fail. You can also make this a fun activity to do with your kids. Ask them what you should write about, get their opinions, and they can even help with your posts too.

Personal Trainer

Next on the list is a personal trainer. You can get personal trainer qualifications from various places, and if fitness is something that you are passionate about, this could be a great choice for you. If you are an active person anyway, then why not get paid to help people achieve their fitness goals? It will give you a sense of achievement and you will be helping people to better their lives. This could be a really rewarding job for someone who is into fitness, and they will be keeping themselves fit at the same time! It really is a win-win situation here.

4 Jobs You Can Take Up When You Fall On Hard Times

As well as this, it provides you an opportunity to get out of the house and get into your fitness mojo. Sometimes it can be a little hard to do this when you have kids or if you find that you struggle with motivation, but not only is this going to be good for your clients, it is going to be beneficial to you too.


Why not think about becoming a tutor? If you have knowledge of a special area, why not tutor children who need your help? There are always going to be plenty of tutoring jobs, because there are always going to be kids who need that little bit of extra help. The rates for tutoring are insanely high, and you are helping children to achieve something when you do this.

4 Jobs You Can Take Up When You Fall On Hard Times

As well as this, if you have kids then you can get them to study with your tutee. You never know, your kids might make friends for life, and the child that you are tutoring is going to be thankful for the help. This is only going to be an option if you have the correct qualifications. As tutoring is a private job, it will depend on the parents as to what they require. So, if you have an A-Level in maths, then you would be suitable to tutor a GCSE student for example. You do need to keep in mind though that some parents will require a degree, so it is going to be great if you have one.


Finally, why not consider becoming a babysitter? There are always going to be exhausted parents that need a night off, and you can give this to them. It is a decent paying side job and will help a lot towards your finances if you are currently struggling. Babysitting kids can be a fun job, especially when you get to play with them, and read to them. It can feel like a great to do something for someone else, and still get joy from doing it. As well as this, if you are doing this at night time, once you have put the kids to bed, you have this time to yourself, so if you have any work to catch up on, you can.

4 Jobs You Can Take Up When You Fall On Hard Times

I hope that you have found this list helpful, and will consider these jobs if you have fallen on hard times recently. Any of these jobs would be a wonderful choice, and you never know, you might find something that you love doing and want to take up as a full-time job!

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