There is no doubt that times are changing and looking after the environment seems so much more important now compared to when I was a child. We are more aware of the impact we are having and most of us are striving to do our bit and make sure we reign it in as much as possible.

With my children, I want to bring them up to be aware of what they’re using and what it will take to dispose of it. I think the best way to teach that sort of thing is to lead by example. If they see it day in and day out then they will not know any different and hopefully continue that on through their adult life.

It’s not all about grand gestures though and there are lots of little things we can be doing individually that combined will help our world. Here are 5 simple things you can do to look after the environment.

1. Hang Laundry Outside

It feels like common sense, but so many of us reach for the tumble drier. When the weather is dry then get it outside and let it dry int he fresh air. The bonus of that is that it not only is better for the environment, but it will also reduce your electricity bill and your laundry will smell lovely! Plus the sun is amazing for getting stains out of clothes. I don’t know how – but it works!

5 Ways To Look After The Environment | Clothes hanging outside

2. Use Recycling Bins

I don’t just mean at home. It is easy for me to sort my waste and put it for recycling while I have plenty time in the house, but when out and about I am trying to make more of a conscious effort to recycle. There are often bins (like these ones from Glasdon) in main shopping centres and other public places that you can sort your recycling in to, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get in to the habit.

3. Take Your Own Coffee Cup

Yes. Really. A reusable coffee cup for when you are getting a takeaway coffee is so easy. There are so many paper cups in landfill and we can stop that getting worse by taking our own and having them fill it for us. Many places will give you a small discount too for each coffee that you put in your own cup.

4. Re-Use Shopping Bags

Here is Scotland there has been a charge for single use plastic bags for quite a few years now and so most of us are in the habit of carrying our own. Not everyone is though, and it is such a simple thing to do! Even the bags that are meant to be single use can be kept and used again if you are careful with them.

5. Go Paperless

Technology these days is amazing and there are loads of options for a paperless life. You can have bills, bank statements and even tickers sent to you purely electronically. It will keep piles of paper out of landfill and recycling centres – and make your life less cluttered too!

5 Ways To Look After The Environment | Paperless Billing

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5 Ways To Look After The Environment | There are lots of little things that we can do around the home to reduce our waste, reduce our plastics and use less energy - all of which will help save our world. This post that a few things that we can do with our family that will help protect the earth and make a small difference to our carbon footprint

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