One year of blogging. In July of 2016 I started OddHogg. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, why I was doing it or what I wanted to achieve. All I knew is that I wanted to give it a try.

It has been a steep learning curve. Not only did I have to work out all the technical side of blogging, I had to learn blogging etiquette and work out how to keep Piglet alive at the same time. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and to celebrate making it through in one piece I’ve teamed up with some brands to give you a month of giveaways.

Today though, I thought I’d share with you the five parenting lessons I’ve learnt because of OddHogg.

5 Parenting Lessons I Learnt From Being A Blogger | My little blog is now 1 year old. I've learnt loads from a tech point of view - but far more valuable

1. Everyone Has An Opinion – But It Doesn’t Have To Be A Bad Thing

Piglet was 4 months old when I started blogging and I was already accustomed to getting opinions from every man and their dog thrust down my throat. It was really refreshing to come into the blogging world and discover that there are people out there who aren’t judging you for doing something different.

Of course there will always be someone who doesn’t agree with you, but I have received very little in the way of negative comments. It’s actually been quite fun discussing differing opinions in a mature way and learning things from both sides.

2. You Know Best, But It’s OK To Ask For Help

Reading other blog posts, speaking to other mums and writing about my experiences has proven what a wealth of knowledge there is out there. Sometimes, you just don’t know how to cope with a certain situation. It really pays to have someone from the outside look at it wit fresh eyes and make a suggestion of what to do. You don’t have to do what they say, and they may not even be right, but knowing that someone cares enough to offer some help is important.

3. You Need Mum Friends

Very few of my friends have children. I didn’t think that would matter, and it doesn’t….. much. Unfortunately there are just some things they will never understand unless they have children of their own. Those friendships are still there – but they have changed.

Once I had found my feet in the blogging world I started to speak to familiar facesย usernames on a more regular basis. I now have a greta group of mums with kids of all ages that I speak to daily. We’re definitely a ragtag bunch, but we have enough in common to keep each other sane when babies won’t sleep and all you want to do is jump into a vat of prosecco and stay there.

I’ll be meeting some of these women in September, and then I’ll no longer have to be slightly concerned I’m being catfished! Until then we will continue to chat daily on whatsapp.

5 Parenting Lessons I Learnt From Being A Blogger | Whatsapp

4. Perfect Is Impossible – And Not As Much Fun

I’m sure we all had images of our perfect family life while we were pregnant. I know I could picture the time we were going to spend together as a family, in our immaculate and perfectly decorated home. No one told me parenting was going to be easy, but they didn’t tell me it was going to be this hard either.

Perfect in the traditional sense hasn’t happened, but what we have is perfect for us. I see posts all the time of tired and grubby kids who have had an absolute ball. It seems way more fun than trying to maintain a picture perfect image – and fun is what I am now striving for.

5. Not Everyone Is A Pinterest Mum

I am as un-crafty as you get. I have no imagination, no artistic flare and no patience. I had the fear a little bit thinking about the craft activities that seem to be associated with having kids. Everywhere I looked people were posting about their perfectly crafted Christmas cards and homemade playdoh.

Blogging has shown me the other side. The hilarious behind the scenes shot of crafts parents have attempted with their kids that they’re trying to make suitable for going out on social media. As with all things online – only the best is shown. So when we start getting crafty I have the remember that everyone has crap artwork somewhere, and that doesn’t mean they love it any less.

5 Parenting Lessons I Learnt From Starting A Blog | Paint


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