Red and brown roofs in Nepal covered in birds

5 Things To Do In Nepal

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Nepal has long been associated with action and adventure, attracting intrepid climbers eager to conquer Mount Everest, but recently it has emerged as a tourist hot spot. If you’re looking to combine sightseeing and culture with the opportunity to enjoy spectacular scenery and a raft of outdoor pursuits, why not think about adding Nepal to your travel bucket list? Here are 5 things to do in Nepal.

The himalayas in Nepal
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It’s impossible to talk about Nepal without mentioning hiking. Even if you’re not an experienced climber visiting the Himalayas with ambitions to reach the snow-capped peak of ethereal Everest, it’s worth packing some sturdy walking shoes and getting out into the open air. There are hundreds of hiking trails, which are suitable for those looking to amble at leisure, as well as fitness fans hoping to test their mettle. Hiking provides an incredible opportunity to take in the mountain views and appreciate the sheer scale of the Himalayas. 

Discover Kathmandu

The majority of Nepal tours start and finish in the enigmatic capital city, Kathmandu. Kathmandu is not just a base to discover the scintillating natural scenery Nepal has to offer. It’s a historic, bustling city, which boasts beautiful, medieval architecture, buzzing shops and restaurants, quaint squares, temples and palaces. A walking tour is a wonderful way to see the city and meet the locals. Rooftop restaurants provide an idyllic spot to enjoy lunch with a view or a sunset drink. While staying in Kathmandu, it’s worth taking a short drive to Swayambunath Stupa. This hilltop stupa is known as the monkey temple due to its inquisitive inhabitants. 

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Animal lovers should not leave Nepal without booking a wildlife safari. Chitwan National Park is home to some magnificent creatures, including the rare Asian one-horned rhinoceros, leopards, sloth bears, wild elephants and even the elusive Bengal tiger. Take a walk on the wild side, jump in a Jeep or watch the animals quench their thirst on a river cruise.

River Rafting

If you fancy injecting some adrenaline into your itinerary, what could be better than white water rafting on the Trisuli River? Ride the waves and negotiate the currents as you glide downstream with crisp snow-capped mountains and bright blue skies for company.

Temple Tours

Nepal is scattered with spiritual and religious landmarks, and you don’t have to walk far to stumble across views of a hilltop temple or a striking stupa. Temples in Nepal are often adorned with intricate detailing, precious metals and colourful gems, and many feature eye-catching pagodas or spires and domes that dominate and illuminate the skyline. Nepal is home to both Hindu and Buddhist places of worship, and it’s incredibly interesting to compare the two and learn about their influences.

Red and brown roofs in Nepal covered in birds
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Nepal is a fascinating country, which is becoming increasingly popular with tourists looking to immerse themselves in a new culture and enjoy a unique sightseeing adventure. If you’re interested in history, religion, spirituality and action and adventure, this could be the perfect destination for your next trip.

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