While we have been staying safe at home, NHS staff up and down the country have been fighting day and night to keep us going. Doctors, nurses, cleaners, caterers – they haven’t had the option to remain at home and as we approach 2 months of lockdown I know a lot of us are feeling the urge to show them we care.

Clapping for our carers every Thursday is of course a lovely way to start, but for those staff that we know personally there are a few other ways you can show your appreciation.

2 rubber ducks, one dressed as a surgeon and one dressed as a nurse

5 Ways To Show NHS Staff You Care

1. Make A Card

One of the simplest but often most effective way of showing someone you care and appreciate them is to make a card. It is tempting to buy one – but homemade shows you put thought and care in to it. You probably have most of the things you need already at home, so you can get started right away. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, it just has to be personal.

2. Framed Poster

When you’re heading out the door to an intense shift, catching sight of a framed poster from a friend can definitely lift your mood. They are really simple to make – just buy a frame in the size you want (or repurpose one you no longer need) and print out what you would like. You can get some great Nurse Quote svgs bundles with lots of sayings and quotes to choose from.

3. Buy A Voucher

I used to think buying a voucher was a bit of a lazy gift, but recently I’ve realised that a well thought through voucher is just as good as a gift. My favourite way to treat people at the moment is with a voucher for a coffee shop. I know many are closed at the moment, but when they are open then purchasing a small voucher – just enough for one coffee – for the coffee shop in the hospital would be a little boost for a tough day.

4. Meal Delivery

Cooking at the end of a shift, especially if you have kids, is the last thing a lot of us want to do. One way to make life easier is to provide meals. A week’s meals from Gusto, Hello Fresh or Mindful Chef takes the stress out of meal planning and cooking. All the ingredients are provided and you just have to put it together. It’s not a cheap option – but it is one that would be really appreciated by anyone that receives it.

5. Say It With Flowers

If all else fails – say it with flowers. It is a way of supporting your local florist during a tough time too! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t smile when they receive a bunch of flowers. If you don’t have a florist offering delivery in your area then you can order letterbox flowers online from the likes of Bloom & Wild – meaning contactless delivery is always an option.

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