Later this year I am hitting a big milestone…. or at least I think it is. My 30th birthday is rapidly approaching and that, combined with staring to see the world through the children’s eyes, has made me all nostalgic. I’ve been keen to release my inner 90’s child and luckily 2019 has been giving me many opportunities so far!

It started back on Valentine’s Day. We were sent a box of Retro Sweets to try and I was immediately brought back to being 8 years old. JHogg and I spent our evenings scoffing foam shrimp and fizzy blue bottles while debating the pros and cons of the changes to the sweets from our childhood. We remember when Opal Fruits became Starbursts and when one of life’s biggest decisions was choosing between a Taz or a Freddo.

a box split in to 9 segments, each containing a retro sweet to be enjoyed by a nostalgic 90's child Related Post: Banana Bread Muffins Recipe

Last month we started watching a program called Back In Time For The Weekend. It followed a family as they found out what it was like in past decades. As they reached the 90s I was drawn in, clearly recalling the decor choices recognising so much of my childhood in what was being shown. The dial up tone as the internet connected is a sound that no children of the 90s can forget, and I can remember how exciting it was when the school got it’s own computer. Don’t get me started on early mobile phones. I can clearly recall how big and clunky they were – although I didn’t get my own mobile until 2001.

A old desktop computer that a 90's child will rememberRelated Post: 29 Things I’ve learned In 29 years

In a few weeks time JHogg and I are off to Glasgow for the night (child free – woohoo!) to see the Backstreet Boys. When I was young I lived in Trinidad for a while, so I was introduced to them quite a while before they made it over here. When we came back to the UK I was still a fan, but I was also suddenly immersed into the the 90s music that every British 90s kid will remember. The Spice Girls.

Most of my memories from around age 6 onwards have a backing track of the Spice Girls. I can sing you all the words to Wannabe, Goodbye and Who Do You Think You Are? And don’t even get me started on Spice World the movie! I certainly would consider myself a contender for their best ever fan, and I am gutted we couldn’t get tickets to go and see them.

The latest video between Walkers and the Spice Girls has really made me giggle. As much as I love Walkers crisps (they got me through my 2nd pregnancy cravings for salt and vinegar!) it is a no brainer that I would share 1 in exchange for tickets……. just 1 though! But here’s the million pound question – would you?

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