Before I had Piglet I didn’t exactly love my body, but I didn’t have a huge dislike for it either. It did the job and I was relatively happy with the way it was day to day. If only the same could be said for the post baby body!

Boobs, belly, hips and hair are all different. Some changes are subtle and others more obvious. In the initial months after Piglet was born I was doing ok, but more recently the changes have become quite apparent. And I don’t like them very much at all!

Adjusting To A Postpartum Body | 18 months after having a baby I am still struggle to accept the changes in my body. There is hardly one part that isn't subtly different, so it is time to start looking for the positives in it

The most obvious change for me at first was the hair loss. It took me quite a while to get to grips with what was going on with my hair, and even now I have days where I can’t stand it. The one saving grace is that my hair will eventually grow. It may be a slow process, but the end result will be very similar to what I started with.

I won’t be so lucky with my boobs though! Pregnancy and then breastfeeding for a year has made sure they are barely recognisable. They’re not awful – we haven’t quite reached the empty sock stage – but they are different. We all know the importance of checking your breasts for changes, and that is easiest to do if you know how your breasts are in the first place! I have been looking into the breastlight to see if it can help me to keep an eye on any potential changes. It seems to have some pretty good reviews.

My hips have definitely widened since having Piglet, and so have my feet annoyingly. There is literally nothing I can do about it. Weight loss will make no difference to the width of my hips, it’s all about learning to accept what I have.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t bothered by my belly immediately after Piglet was born. I hadn’t been very big while pregnant and so after he arrived I pretty much returned to normal on my stomach. I maintained a fairly steady weight while breast feeding and overall was happy with the way things were.

Unfortunately for me, the real changes have come about after I stopped breastfeeding. Clearly the energy required to produce milk was what was keeping me slim. I have been gaining significant weight recently, and it is more and more obvious that it all wants to congregate on my stomach. It obviously remembered how simple it was to stretch while I was pregnant and has been more than happy to do it again – but without the baby!

These changes aren’t awful. They are mostly things that I would notice but that probably wouldn’t be picked up by my friends and family, and certainly not by a stranger on the street. I just need to learn to embrace them.

Adjusting To A Post Partum Body | With Piglet

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