The ANNA App Competition

I LOVE  a competition I’ve been entering loads recently. I’m of the mentality that you have to be in it to win it – so I enter all that I can when I get a spare minute. In fact, I shared a round-up of February competitions and giveaways for you to enter too.

I will admit though, I have usually tended to stick to small scale competitions. I have been guilty of not entering because I think “it’ll never be me”. But actually – it has to be someone, so why not me! I’ve decided this is the year I’m going to try my luck for some bigger prizes, and I have the perfect competition to be my first.

The ANNA App Competition | Have you entered the new competition?

There is a new app launching called ANNA. The concept is really quite simple:

“the app takes the concept of crowd-sourced question–and-answer platforms to the next level. Users will constantly be rewarded (with cash and vouchers) for sharing their expertise, while establishing reputations in their specialist areas, a feature which could prove more valuable with potential employers than a conventional paper CV”

In all the excitement in the run up to the launch, they are running a competition on Facebook. You’ve got until the 27th of February to go to their Facebook page, like it, post a picture with your question along with the #themostimportantquestions hashtag and then tag 3 friends. It is that easy!

The ANNA App Competition | Rules

You can also do the same over on Instagram.

Your question can be anything you like, from “why is the sky blue?” to “what should I have for dinner?”. They are looking for the best question so really think it through before you enter – you want to have a fighting chance.

My favourite part of this competition is that for every questions asked they have pledged to donate 50p to charitable youth organisations. So no only do you have a chance to win yourself, you are also helping the charities too!

Once that stage is complete the fun really begins! We will all vote for our favourite questions up until March 20th. After that, the person who asked the question with the most votes wins £1000. The 2nd most popular question will will £700. The next eight questions win £250, and a final ten questions will be awarded £150. So that means twenty people have a chance to win some cash!

At first I thought that was it – a total of £5000 shared between 20 people – but once the ANNA app is launched they are starting the process again!

They are going to post everyones questions on to the app for people to answer. Like with the questions there will be a £5000 cash pot split between 20 people.

Do you think you’re up for the challenge? Let me know if you enter – I’ll be sure to check out your entries when I’m choosing who to vote for!

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