Part of our bedtime routine with Piglet is putting him into a sleeping bag. During the day he naps with a quilt, but a sleeping bag is the indicator that its time for the “big sleep” and that he is going to be in his cot for the night. It’s a system that works really well for us and I’m sure we’ll be using them for the forseeable future!

Antipodes Merino offered to send us one of their sleeping bags to try, and I obviously jumped at the chance. As the name suggests, they are made from merino wool and organic cotton. I was imagining a super soft bag for Piglet to snuggle in to and couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

Antipodes Merino Review | We have been trying out a lovely wool and organic cotton baby sleeping bag. Perfect from newborn to toddler

The Features

It was immediately obvious when I got my hands on the sleeping bag that it is different to what we’re used to. It is super thin and has none of the bulk that I’m accustomed to in a sleeping bag. I knew straight away that it would be really comfortable for Piglet to sleep in.

The bag is suitable from 5kg, or approximately 3 months to around 2 years old. There are underarm poppers so that you can adjust the tightness to stop little ones from slipping through. The poppers are nickel free – which is a huge plus for me. I have an allergy to nickel and I always have a concern at the back of my mind that Piglet will be the same. Knowing that it’s not included gives me extra piece of mind.

Antipodes Merino Review | Fasteners

There is a seat belt slot on both the front and the back of the sleeping bag, meaning you can safely put your little one in their carseat while wearing the bag. I love this feature and we have used it a couple of times already. It makes for a smooth transition when we get home, as Piglet is all ready for bed and can be popped straight in to bed.

The zip comes around the bottom, allowing for easy nappy changes. We are passed this stage with Piglet, but we used to have a couple of nappy changes overnight. The zip position means the bag is able to stay on and you can still access the “business end”

The Baby Test

Piglet had no issues getting into the sleeping bag and setting down to sleep with his sleepytot bunny and ewan the dream sheep straight away. They are his bedtime essentials and always make for a smooth transition to sleep!

Piglet fits the sleeping bag beautifully. At 1 year old he is right in the middle of the age range and it is perfect. He has always been on the small side though, so I don’t think I would have been able to put him in at 3 months. There is still plenty length available and I see no reason he should outgrow it before 2 years old.

Antipodes Merino Review | Ready for bed

The pattern is simple and classic. I have often caught Piglet playing and pulling at the cartoon dinosaurs on his other sleeping bags. The Antipodes Merino bag does is not overly bright and doesn’t engage his attention – which is exactly what I want for when he’s meant to be sleeping!

My Thoughts

I really love the softness of the sleeping bag, and it has maintained it through multiple washes. Piglet has a habit of peeing through his nappy, vest, pjs AND sleeping bag most nights, so it is a constant rotation of bedding. The sleeping bag needs to be washed on a woollen wash cycle, which could get annoying very quickly. Both my husband and I have a number of woollen jumpers and so we have a weekly wool wash anyway, but I can see what that would put a lot of people off.

The sleeping bag claims it can be used all year round, but it then specifies that it is best used in temperatures from 15 to 27°C (57-81°F). We live in the North East of Scotland – those temperatures are pretty rare overnight unless we leave the heating on. It will be perfect in the summer as the wool is lovely and breathable, but on colder nights I am still preferring to use a thicker sleeping bag for him.

We are hoping to go off on holiday in a few months and this will definitely be my choice of sleeping bag will take. It is lightweight and can handle the warmer temperatures without having Piglet overheat – ideal.

Antipodes Merino Review | In bed with sleepytot bunny

The Verdict

A beautiful soft sleeping bag that is made to last. I would recommend it to anyone for summer use, but first noting the washing guidelines.

You can buy the sleeping bag on amazon or from the Antipodes Merino website.

Antipodes Merino Review | Folded Flat

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