With a new baby on the way I am getting increasingly conscious of how big my current “baby” is getting. He is at a fantastic age (terrible 2’s and tantrums aside) and I just want to box him up how he is at the moment!

But alas, that is not possible. What I can do though, is make a little keepsake to look back on when he is all grown up. I love the idea of capturing the moment, a snapshot in time of how we were as a family. To help me do that I was sent a Baby Art Family Touch handprint set to create an image we can look at every day.

Baby Art Family Touch Review | Handprint art review https://oddhogg.com

The kit is designed to allow you to create lasting memories, with the whole family’s handprints in a contemporary style frame. Everything you need to create the picture is included in the box – which is handy for the non-crafty types like me!

There is the frame, 4 sheets to place the handprints on, 4 different coloured paints and a roller to help apply it. The plastic sheets for the handprints have a coating on them to protect them until they are ready to be used.

Baby Art Family Touch Review | All of the items within the box https://oddhogg.com

One thing that is slightly disappointing about the kit is the restriction to 4 handprints. There are 4 different colours, and only 4 sheets to place your hands on. This means it excludes those with 5 or more family members. I myself come from a family of 6, and my siblings also have families of 5 and 6 already and so this kit would not be suitable for them.

There are 2 big paint colours and 2 smaller ones, so using a bit of common sense I used the bigger paints for JHogg and I and the smaller paint for Piglet.

Baby Art Family Touch Review | Paint Colours And Roller https://oddhogg.com

First you wash your hands, then apply the paint with the roller before putting your print on the plastic sheet – using the little marker on the instructions as a guide to make sure they are all in the same place. At first I thought the little roller was quite funny, but actually it is really useful for getting an even spread of paint on your hands!

It took 3 of us to get Piglet’s print done. He is a curious little 2 year old and I wanted to avoid paint going everywhere! We got there in the end and got the paint washed off again without any disasters.

Baby Art Family Touch Review | Paint on toddlers hand https://oddhogg.com

As we are still just a family of 3, we only had 3 prints to set aside to dry. I was surprised by how hard it was to get a good hand print. Both JHogg and I struggled to get one. I think it is possible that a thicker paint might have been better, particularly for the white as it can be hard to see JHogg’s print unless it is against a dark background.

Baby Art Family Touch Review | Prints waiting to dry https://oddhogg.com

Once your prints are dry you slot them into the frame. The effect of the 3 handprints one on top of the other is really cool, and at the moment it sits nicely on our hall table. All we need now is for baby number 2 to come along and add his print!

Baby Art Family Touch Review | Completed handprint frame https://oddhogg.com

I was sent the Baby Art Family Touch kit for the purposes of writing this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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