Oh what a month it has been! In some ways it’s hard to believe that he is one month old already, but in others it feels like he’s been with us forever. JJ has slotted in to our family perfectly and even Piglet has started to acknowledge that he actually exists. He brings him his dummy (and tries to ram it into his mouth) and even gives him his favourite monkey for a turn sometimes.

When Piglet was a baby I kept a record of his development and so I’m going to do the same for JJ. These posts are largely for me to look back on, but I hope you enjoy reading about how he is getting on too!

Baby JJ at 1 month old https://oddhogg.com


A few days before he turned one month old JJ was weighed and was 7lbs 3oz. After a slow start with his weight I have really been noticing the difference recently and he honestly seems to get bigger by the day. He’s not very sturdy yet and is very floppy but there does seem to be more of him!

Clothing wise he is still wearing newborn clothes. They are very baggy but it won’t be long until he grows out of them as he needs a longer length. I think he’s just going to be a skinny little guy like his brother was – and still is really.

JJ at 1 month old | In the hospital https://oddhogg.com


If you follow me on instagram you will know that jaundice has been hanging around a lot longer than we would have liked. JJ and I had an extended stay in hospital while he had phototherapy, twice, to try and shift it, but even when he was discharged it was still lingering.  It makes babies very sleepy and I believe that contributed to the feeding issues we were having.

We went to the hospital last week for another blood test to check on it. I am glad to report that, although his bilirubin level is still abnormal, it has now gone down significantly and should clear itself without further treatment. I can tell it’s getting better as JJ is having periods of being awake and alert which he wasn’t before and he seems aware of his surroundings a bit more.

JJ at one month old | Sleeping on daddy https://oddhogg.com


Ah feeding. I’m going to write a whole post on this itself as there is so much to say. It was a battle from day one, but I’m glad to say he is now breastfed on demand. And boy does he demand! During the day it can be anything from 10 minutes to 2 hours between feeds which can be a little draining at times. Overnight we are tending to get 3 to 4 hours between feeds, and they are usually at 1:30am and about 4:30am. I can cope with the regular day time feeding as long as I get a decent few hours in a block at night.

JJ at 1 month old | JJ In Cocoon https://oddhogg.com


As a newborn sleep is really all he does at the moment. There are the occasional moments of being alert, but in general he is happy having a kip. Given half a chance he would sleep in my arms all day, but with a toddler around that is not always possible! If he is particularly fussy I pop him in my Caboo sling so I can carry on with my day, but he is often happy to sleep in his PurFlo too.

Downstairs he is in his Baby Crate, which we have had to place inside of a play pen to keep Piglet from climbing into it as well! Overnight he is in a Chicco Next 2 Me crib in our bedroom. At night we still swaddle him as he seems to sleep better that way.

JJ at 1 month old | black and white on the bed https://oddhogg.com

It’s been a month of adjustment for the whole family, but now we have found our rhythm and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next month brings.

If you want to see more clips of JJ and Piglet then check out my YouTube channel and you will see their little personalities.

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