3 months old – we’re out of the newborn bubble and definitely adjusted to life as a family of 4. Piglet shows a genuine interest in his brother and, although I probably wouldn’t go so far as to say he likes him most of the time, he is used to him being around and can be concerned if he’s crying or seems unhappy. He helps to bring JJ his dummy and will kiss his head.

I knew he would eventually warm up to him, but it’s definitely a relief that it has finally happened. I still have to keep a pretty close eye on them together as Piglet’s form of play is generally quite rough, but it won’t be long until JJ can hold his own a bit more as he’s already proving to be a bit of a bruiser! I think they’re going to be a hilarious pair soon enough!

Baby JJ at 3 months old | with mummy and piglet www.oddhogg.com


He was weighed a few days ago and is now 11lbs 9oz. That is almost 5lbs he’s gained since he was born. He is still hovering around the 9 percentile so although he is on the smaller side he is at least consistent.

He hasn’t had his length done in a while, but he seems really long these days so I think he will have moved up the charts with that. His clothes are quite baggy on him but he has outgrown 0-3 in length. Just this week I took the 3-6m clothes out of the basement and got them all sorted for him to wear. He seems to have quite long legs, as if he is in a top and trousers then the tops seem to fit better than the trousers which tend to come up a bit short. He definitely didn’t get his long legs from me!

Baby JJ at 3 months old | cosy www.oddhogg.com


I’m glad to say I don’t really have anything major to say about his health! He sailed through the 12 week vaccinations without really a worry. He still has reflux and doesn’t like to lie flat, but it is showing major signs of improvement and I think he will have grown out of it completely quite soon.

His head control is getting better, but he does still have a head lag. This has been checked by the GP a couple of times as well as the health visitor. It will be looked at again when he is 4 months old. I have no real concerns with it as he was 5 weeks early so a slight delay in some things is to be expected.

Baby JJ at 3 months old | moses in the garden www.oddhogg.com


Breastfeeding is still going really well for us. During the day he tends to go about 2-3 hours between a feed. It is still very much on demand and aside from knowing when he was last fed I can’t really predict when he will want fed again.

I have quite the stash of milk in the freezer still, so I have been taking some and a bottle to my mums every week or so so she can feed him for me. I am hoping that this regular use of the bottle will mean that when I want to escape for an evening there will be the option of him staying at home with JHogg and being happy with a bottle.

Baby JJ at 3 months old | aden & anais muslin www.oddhogg.com


Ahhhh sleep. This is one area that JJ truly excels in. He goes to bed between 6:30-7pm. I wake him for a nappy change and a feed when I got to bed, at around 10pm, and then I won’t hear from him again until 5-5:30am. He has another feed and then goes back to sleep until somewhere between 8-9am. The boy loves his bed!

During the day he will sleep for long periods of time. His default position is asleep. He’s not often awake for more than about 45 minutes at the a time, but as he’s getting older I’m expecting that to get longer now.

Overall, JJ is a delight to be around most of the time right now. He has slotted in to our routines so easily and we love having him around!


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Baby JJ at 3 Months Old | What can you expect when your newborn is 3 months old? If you're a first time mom you probably don't know what is normal and what is a bit more unusual. This post gives you can idea on where my 3 month old is at with his health, how he sleeps, whether we are still breastfeeding or whether we've switched to bottles or formula. It is so confusing being a mum to little ones but this should help you have a rough guide of what to expect at 3 months old www.oddhogg.com

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