Baby JJ is 4 months old | On his play mat

Baby JJ is 4 Months Old

Months like the one we’ve just had make me so glad I am keeping this record of JJ’s development. He is such a chilled out baby and he has definitely been overshadowed by Piglet this month as we deal with a few issues he’s had with starting nursery. It’s nice to have a reason to force myself to think about what he’s been doing otherwise the poor 2nd child would have been forgotten a bit!

Baby JJ is 4 months old | On his play mat


He has just been weighed for what I think is the last time until he is around 9 months old. At just over 13lbs he has moved up the percentiles slightly, but with his corrected age it puts him at around the 50th percentile (or the 9th uncorrected). I was actually really surprised by that as he seems really quite big to me. His cousin is 3 weeks older than him and she was full term, but he is rivalling her in size these days.

He has been wearing 3-6m clothes for a month but it really won’t be long until I have to dig out the 6-9m babygrows as his long legs are filling the ones he has out already. He is around the 50th percentile for height so he’s not exceptionally big by any standards, but in comparison to Piglet at 4 months he feels huge to me.

Development Milestones

I’ll be honest, most of the time JJ just lies around like a bit of a potato. He still loves to be held on my chest, the same way you do with a newborn. In the last week or so he has been a bit more willing to lie on his play mat and look around, and is evening having a think about rolling over. Only a think though – I still think it’ll be another few weeks before he actually follows through with it!

His little bobble head is becoming slightly more under control. It is still quite unpredictable and likely to flop down at any given moment. It is a vast improvement on last month though so clearly his tummy time is doing the trick.

He has turned in to a drool machine. We never had this with Piglet, even when teething was at it’s worst, so it’s completely unchartered territory and I keep forgetting to put dribble bibs on him. I’m a little terrified to think that he could be teething related already. He has worked out how to coordinate his fist to his mouth fairly well and can usually be found sucking on it and generally making a mess.

Baby JJ is 4 Months Old | In the Car


I’m pleased to say that there’s nothing really to report! He is still breastfeeding with no issue, and happily takes a bottle from my mum once a week. The milk he is having from a bottle is still expressed milk, but once it runs out I’ll be moving him to formula for the odd bottle when he’s not with me. I am hoping he will still drink it as he had it in the first 2 weeks of his life….. I bet he decides to reject it though just to spoil my plans for an easy life!


JJ is still sleeping though the night which is just amazing. He goes down around 6-6:30pm, I give him a quick dream feed at 10pm and he wakes between 6:30-7am for a feed….. then goes back to sleep again until 9am if we have no other plans.

He is still sleeping in our room. Since he doesn’t wake during the night I’d be happy to move him to his own room, but he’ll be sharing with Piglet who takes quite a long time to go to sleep at night so I think it’s best to keep them separate for a bit longer.

Baby JJ is 4 months old | On his play mat

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