10 Ways I’ve Become A Total “Mum”

At what point did you start to feel like a mum? Some would say when they found out when they were pregnant. Or when they felt the baby kick. Or once the baby was born. And that’s totally fine, but it’s not what I am really asking about.

What I want to know, is what was the first thing you noticed that really made you feel like a mum. A total mum move that an earlier version of yourself would now find absolutely hilarious? I’ve had a few recently and I can’t help but laugh at myself – even though really it’s just embarrassing!

10 Ways I've Become A Total "Mum" | Sometimes I totally catch myself out making a Mum move. The sort of thing that only parents would think about or do? Have a read and laugh at my habits!

I first noticed it in the run up to Christmas. My friends and I get together every year to exchange secret santa gifts before Christmas. We host it at someones house and everyone brings something to eat. It’s never been overly coordinated – we all just take whatever it is we fancy to eat. There’s always a lot of cheese, crisps and chipolatas. Plenty of hummus, some token crudities and fresh bread. Delicious.

This time we were all getting excited about the evening. I had no idea what I was going to take, I had to take a trip to Tesco in the morning anyway so it didn’t fuss me. I had some vouchers so I assumed I would get some party food.

Throughout the day my friends were all messaging in our group chat telling all the lovely things they were making or had bought for that evening. It all sounded so good! So of all the things I could chose to buy and take along with me to add in what did I pick?


It was only as I was chopping it up (because god forbid they should have to cope with whole strawberries) to take did I realise that I had become a total mum. Gone are the days of buying a box of roses, a round of brie and a bottle of prosecco, calling it a job well done.

I had carefully considered the food I was being told we would eat and decided we needed some vitamins to go with it. I hang my head in shame (the fruit all got eaten though – so perhaps I’m not totally crazy though).Being A Mum | Fruit Platter

So after the fruit “incident” I started thinking back on the other total “mum” things that I do:

  1. Getting excited about sunny days, because I can hang the laundry outside.
  2. Carrying tissues, even when no one has a cold.
  3. Carrying both sun hats and warm hats in the changing bag (this might be less to do with being a mum and more to do with the unpredictable Scottish weather)
  4. Wearing jeans 24/7 – my wardrobe needs a serious update
  5. Buying clothes for Piglet that are way too big because “he’ll grow into it”
  6. Check a nappy just by sniffing it (a rather dangerous game to play at times)
  7. Picking someone else’s bogies – I restrict this one to Piglet though!
  8. Asking JHogg constantly if he’s sure he doesn’t want to take a coat – as if he wasn’t in his 30’s and able to make his own decisions about his clothing
  9. Avoid getting ridiculously drunk because I’ve got a “busy day” the next day. I don’t work…. my days are all the same.
  10. Considering a trip to the garden centre an exciting day out (ok fine I really just like it for the cake).

So aside from the fact that some of them are rather embarrassing, I also KNOW I’m not alone. Out there, there is a whole bunch of other mums (and dads!) reading this – and probably mentally adding their own points to the list!

So come one – don’t be shy! Share below what made you realise you’re a total mum. You know you want to!

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