My Big Fat BabyI love nothing more than a big fat baby. The chubby cheeks, their screw on hands, the thigh rolls. They are adorable! I was so ready to have a little chunk of my own, with Michelin Man rolls all over. It is fairly common for Type 1 Diabetic mothers to have large babies – I was prepped and ready to go!

When Piglet was born he was a very respectable 6lbs 9oz. Considering his early arrival that was a fab weight. Little did I know that his first time on the scales would be his last as an “average weight” baby. After his birth his weight dropped and I’ve not heard the end of it since.

My Big Fat Baby - Hand

Not a chubby hand in sight

Weight is a funny old metric. Based on the charts in the “little red book” Piglet is in the 0.4th percentile for weight. That means that out of 100 baby boys his age 99.6% would weight more. My argument is that SOMEONE has to be the lightest. We can’t all be exactly the same, that would be ridiculous. So what if he’s on the light side? Perhaps he’s shorter than average too, then he would be perfectly in proportion.

My health visitor advised formula top ups, on the assumption that my lad was being starved somehow. When he was offered a bottle following a feed he would reject it. Just to be sure he was full I offered the bottle before a feed a few times and he would take it fine. He was clearly not hungry after a breast feed.

Piglet was being weighed fortnightly, and occasionally weekly when they really had their knickers in a twist, for most of the first 5 months of his life.  Each time they would ask me if I was concerned, each time I’d tell them no. He was happy, he was feeding whenever he wanted…. and he was skinny. But that is ok!

Piglet - My Big Fat Baby

4 Months old – does he look starved to you?

The health visitor focussed on his weight, and where he measured on the charts. What she didn’t look closely at was what his actual weight gain was. A baby is expected to gain between 4-7oz a week. On an average week Piglet gains around 5.5oz – he’s bang on target!

At 19 weeks old we were advised to start early weaning in order to promote more weight gain. I was willing to give it a go, but I wasn’t prepared to battle with a baby who was no ready for it. I didn’t need to worry – Piglet adores food and was loving it from day one. In fact, I restricted his food at first to make sure he wasn’t using it to replace his milk feeds.

Shortly before 5 months old I requested the health visitor backed off, and thankfully she obliged. She is coming back next week but that is for Piglet’s standard 6 month check. I think she’s in for a shock though. In the last month Piglet has really filled out – food agrees with him. The thigh rolls I’ve been dreaming of? He’s got them! I don’t think he’s ever going to be the big kid on the block but maybe, just maybe, I’ll get my big fat baby after all.

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