Blogging Goals 2017

Back when I was working full time we would start each year by setting targets and action plans for the following 12 months. Although I found it a real bugbear at the time, it really is a good way to acknowledge progress.

In August last year I shared my blogging goals for 2016, so it only feels appropriate to update you on how I got on. I feel it adds an element of accountability. Not only that, I have set myself some new goals for 2017.

I feel goals for the whole year are a little far fetched at the moment for OddHogg. I have only been blogging for 6 months and I’m still working out where I am heading with this, so I have set goals to take me to the end of June 2017 instead.

2017 Blogging Goals | I like to start the year off with some targets and goals to work towards, plus review the goals I set for the previous year



  1. Post 4 Times Per Week – With a little guy with me this proved quite tough, but I did it.
  2. Post 1 evergreen post per week – I think I have achieved this. In hindsight I think I put too much focus on this in 2016 and would like to slacken off a bit
  3. Meet Other Mums Blog – I’ve been enjoying writing over there. I met all my 2016 deadlines 🙂
  4. Guest Posts – I did a few more guest posts in 2016, but the posting schedule I had set for myself didn’t give much time for writing additional content regularly.

Social Media

  1. 3000 Twitter Followers – This was a really optimistic target as it meant more than doubling my followers at the time. I didn’t achieve it, but with 2362 I feel I gave it my all!
  2. 750 Instagram Followers – Achieved! 784 followers to date.
  3. 150 Facebook Followers – Smashed it! 317 likes, and a reach of over 3000 most weeks. I’ve been working hard on my facebook since mid November and it really shows
  4. Get to grips with Pinterest – I can say with confidence that I have achieved this. I started using Tailwind and things just kind of took off! I have pinnable images, and a consistent stream of traffic because of it. Around a third of my blog traffic now comes from pinterest.


  1. Newsletter – In late November I set up my newsletter with MailChimp
  2. Better Photography – I now understand some of the theory behind good photography, but I haven’t been able to execute it. I worry about missing the moment and end up just using Smart mode for speed and ease.
  3. Regular Linkys – I have a selection of linkys that I join weekly. They all have a good community and I get out of them what I put in.
  4. Blog/Life Balance – This still needs some work. I spend most of my evenings on the laptop which feels really antisocial, but the days are filled with Piglet!

Overall I am really chuffed with how I did in 2016. Aside from Twitter, I met all of my goals and can be proud of what I have achieved.

But now: what do I want to do next?



  1. Post 3 times a week – Although 4 times a week was achievable last year, I found it occupied more of my time than I really wanted. So I want to work on posting Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for the forseeable.
  2. Post 2 evergreen posts per month – I want the blog to have some evergreen content, but I don’t want it to overtake normal posts that I enjoy writing.
  3. Meet Other Mums Blog – Continue contributing one post per month

Social Media

  1. 3000 Twitter Followers – Since I didn’t achieve this in 2016 it is only right to try again!
  2. 1000 Instagram Followers – Instagram growth is slow but steady, so this seems reasonable to me.
  3. 500 Facebook Followers – This may be a little optimistic, but I want to have something to strive for.
  4. 100,000 views per month on Pinterest – I currently have around 45,000 average monthly viewers and I really want to work hard on growing that.


  1. Newsletter – I have 1 subscriber to my newsletter. Safe to say that needs some work! I’d love to have 50 subscribers, and I hope to do that by adding it as an option to a competition entry.
  2. Vlogs – Eek! This is probably the goal for 2017 that I am most scared about. But I really want to give it a try…. I think. So my target for the first half of 2017 is to work out what I’m doing and get a couple of videos up.

I think I’ve played it fairly safe with most of my goals for 2017 – but I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself and burn out.

Have you set yourself goals for 2017? Share them below!

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  1. // Reply

    You did so great last year! Especially your twitter followers, that’s great for 6 months! Your goals for 2917 seem great. We do a vlog every week and it is time consuming. I only post a blog post a week so 3 still seems a lot to me!

  2. // Reply

    My goals are mostly centred around improving traffic and boosting social media. Best of luck with yours!

  3. // Reply

    You completely smashed 2016 do massive well done. I’m planning on vlogging as well this year but it’s building up the courage to just do it. I’m sure after our first couple it will be grand. Good luck you seem very driven x

  4. // Reply

    Well done! I’m still fairly low in my stats but I love the excitement of seeing followers increase and getting involved with the blogging community! x

  5. // Reply

    Thats so amazing and inspirational- I am definitely going to continue to try and get to grips with Pinterest this year! x

  6. // Reply

    You have done SO well.

    I really enjoyed this format where you’ve shared last years goals and updated us on them. I think you’ll smash your new ones!

    Emily xxx

    1. // Reply

      Thank you – I hope I will too!

  7. // Reply

    You’ve had a great year! I’m also cutting back on the number of posts I write. I am so impressed about the Facebook reach I need to have a look at mine this year as my reach is terrible!! Good luck for 2017 stopping by from
    #thelist xx
    Mudpiefridays recently posted…Blogger Club UK #50My Profile

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