Bloody Brilliant Bloggers – June 2017

A whole month has passed since Mommy And Rory and I launched Bloody Brilliant Bloggers. It has been great seeing all the positivity going around and having everyone shouting from the rooftops who they think are great. It really makes me smile, and I know it has made some of the nominated bloggers feel great too.

Now that we are in to June it is time to select who we think are the best of the best out of last months nominations. The blogger that we think is totally brag worthy, the one that is the dogs bollocks and  deserves to wear the Bloody Brilliant Badge with pride.

Bloody Brilliant Bloggers - May | This is a new tag to give credit to some of the bloggers out there!

My choice for bloody brilliant blogger of the month is Kimberly from Media Mummy. Kimberly and I have bonded over our love of blogging, similar aged babies (or rather toddlers now I guess!) and of course our name 😉

Obviously a name alone isn’t enough to render her bloody brilliant – so what does? My favourite posts of hers are short rants, like this one about pies, or this one about pink and blue. They always make me giggle, and I like the feeling that I’ve gotten to know the REAL Kimberly. I can imagine her having a rant about them in real life with her friends. (But seriously – don’t serve her a pie with just a pastry lid)

She’s got a real life grown up job too, and keeps 2 pretty small people alive and kicking on a day to day basis. If that’s not enough reason to think she’s bloody brilliant then I don’t know what is!

Here is your badge Kimberly (can I call you Kim if your mum doesn’t hear?) – place it on your blog with pride!

Bloody Brilliant Bloggers | Blogger of the Month

Becky has her own nomination for blogger of the month – find out if it is you by reading her post here.

All the bloggers that have been nominated this month are listed here. Did you get nominated but not realise? :

The Rules:

  1. Write a post to proudly show your a bloody brilliant blogger.
  2. Include the introduction (copy and paste as below) in your post, along with this set of rules and don’t forget to thank the blogger who nominated you: 
  3. The Bloody Brilliant Blogger Tag – Run by Becky and Kimberly the tag is all about showing recognition to the amazing blogs the internet has to offer. Giving their owners a virtual slap on the back and celebrating some flippin’ fantastic posts.
  4. Nominate three bloggers who you think are bloody brilliant and tell us a bit about why!
  5. Don’t forget to stick the our bloody brilliant bloggers badge somewhere on your post – grab the code here.

Please share your post on Twitter tagging your bloody brilliant nominees along with Becky (@mommyandrory1) and myself (@oddhogg) – make sure to tag us to be in with a chance of winning the Bloody Brilliant Bloggers crown.

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  1. 2nd June 2017 / 9:30 am

    Ummm. Wow. I am totally stoked!! Thank you so much for choosing me out of such a massive list of bloody brilliant bloggers. And in your first month too!
    Excellent that you like the rants – there’s another super ranty one in the pipeline!! 😉

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