When JHogg and I got married we borrowed we a number of large lanterns. The sat outside the reception area to light the way for the evening guest. It created a warm and welcoming atmosphere and I loved having them there.

For my brothers wedding last year they borrowed the same lanterns to light up the stairs down to the loch. It was amazing how the same lanterns could be taken elsewhere and look so different, but equally impressive.

Recently, I found almost identical lanterns to purchase online and I knew I had to have them. Now I just need to work out what to do with them!

Lanterns | We are brightening up our home using some large glass lanterns https://oddhogg.com

We are in the middle of completing some building work in the house, so everything is a bit upside down at the moment. We had a large fireplace which we were removing and were going to box in the area. I originally planned on placing the lanterns in this alcove as a feature, but as with all things building related we’ve had a change of plan! That wall has had to be made flush, so there’s no alcove to place them in to!

Simply placing them in the corner of the room is my favourite. I really like how they look against the oak flooring and skirting. But let’s be realistic – I live with Piglet. He would have these down and smashed pretty sharpish! Lanterns | https://oddhogg.com

For now, they are residing on a windowsill. They are quite large so we were lucky to find a windowsill deep enough to sit them on. Unfortuneately, this particular windowsill is in my parents house! I think I’m going to have a bit of a fight on my hands to get them back.

Lanterns | On the windowsill https://oddhogg.com

If we are having a party I think I’ll be putting them out by the front door. I’m not sure they would be suitable to leave out long term, but if it is dry then they can certainly go out for a while!

Lanterns | Outside https://oddhogg.com

If the rain does come unexpectedly though, you need to be sure to make sure you dry them fully so that the metal doesn’t rust.

Lanterns | Metal top https://oddhogg.com

Of course, the lanterns really come into their own in the dark. I really love a flickering candle and the lanterns let me do that on a grand scale. Although for any event with Piglet around I think I’ll have to make use of flameless candles just to keep it safe! All I’ll be missing is the candle burning smell!

Lanterns | In the dark https://oddhogg.com

What do you think of these lanterns? Do you have a spot that you think would suit them? Let me know in the comments below – they’re still looking for a semi-permanent resting place!

Please note: I received these lanterns from Dandelion for the purpose of this collaboration.

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