Gender Reveal

Those of you who read my post on gender disappointment are probably wondering what the final outcome of the scan was! We have been sitting on that information for a little while, enjoying the secret just between family and a few friends. We are super excited to be welcoming this little one into the family! …

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Gender Predictions

I’m pretty sure that just about every pregnant woman has looked at gender predictions at some point in their pregnancy. It’s a bit of a right of passage isn’t it? We all know they’re just a bit of a laugh, and I won’t go buying baby bits based on them, but it’s fun to try …

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OddHogg Is Growing | Pregnancy Announcement

OddHogg Is Growing!

Regular readers will likely have noticed that things have been a bit quiet around here. I have deviated from my usual posting schedule, adopting a more erratic approach – if I manage to post at all! It’s unlike me as I am usually quite methodical and like to set deadlines for myself. I have had …

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