Antipodes Merino Review

Part of our bedtime routine with Piglet is putting him into a sleeping bag. During the day he naps with a quilt, but a sleeping bag is the indicator that its time for the “big sleep” and that he is going to be in his cot for the night. It’s a system that works really …

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Sleepytot Bunny

When Piglet was born he was encouraged to suck his thumb or take a dummy by the neonatal nurses. As he was being tube fed they said it was good for him to practice the sucking action for when he was able to feed normally. I preferred he took a dummy, and didn’t really think …

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Nuby Teething Bibs Review

Piglet has been in teething bibs since day dot pretty much! He has always been a bit of a dribbler, and now that teething has started he’s just getting worse. His hands are constantly in his mouth and I am having to keep bibs on him to stop him soaking his clothes. Generally I have …

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