When Piglet was born the one thing I felt totally indifferent about was weaning. I was never particularly excited about getting him started on “real” food. Quite happily plodding along with milk I just assumed we would start weaning at 6 months.

The guidelines these days state you should start weaning at 6 months, and most places indicate that baby led weaning is the way forward. I had a look at baby led weaning when I was pregnant and I knew straight away I wouldn’t be able to be a die-hard baby led weaner. Although I agree that finger food is nice and easy for little ones, I personally think that a loaded spoon is a recipe for disaster!

I digress. This post is about how we ended up weaning Piglet, and what I would do differently if I was doing it again.

How We Chose To Wean | Weaning your baby can be a complete minefield. This post doesn't contain any tips or hints, it just states how we did it. I don't believe there is a one size fits all solution for weaning, whether it is baby led weaning or purees, you just have to muddle along like the rest of us! https://oddhogg.com

Since Piglet turned out to not be the big fat baby we all anticipated our initial plans for weaning went out the window. We were advised to wean him early, in an effort to get some extra calories into him. As he was only 19 weeks old he was to be weaned by purees rather than baby led.

The issue I had with this is that I didn’t want to be battling to get him to take the food. He took to it straight away though, hoovering down almost anything I gave him. (Except avocado – he’s still not a fan now!)

I started him off on single fruit or veggies, carrot, sweet potato, apples, pears etc. and then started mixing them together. He ate it all, not fussy at all! I loved these white hot safety spoons from Munchkin. When the food is too hot the tip of the spoons go white, avoiding all uncertainty about the right temperature.

How We Chose To Wean | Piglet 5 months old https://oddhogg.com

I preferred to make his food myself at home. Although he would eat some of the sachets if we were out and about, I didn’t feel like the texture represented food he could come to expect in the future. They are that much smoother than I make myself and so we didn’t use them very often.

As he got older though, I stopped pureeing his food. Although he had no teeth (and didn’t get any until nearly 10 months old) he would use his gums to mash up the lumps. He seemed to enjoy the textures.

Just because we were spoon feeding, it didn’t stop it being a messy activity. I have always encouraged Piglet to take a spoon and let him touch food. He likes to get involved, and that meant washing a certain amount of food out of his hair!

How We Chose To Wean | Piglet 7 Months Old https://oddhogg.com

When we got to 6 months I started to introduce dairy, eggs and meat. To this day Piglet is still not a fan of meat. He seems to like the taste, but ends up spitting it out. I’m hoping as he gets more teeth he will be able to chew it and swallow better!

He started to have finger foods which he absolutely loves! At first it was just bits and pieces here and there, but at around 8 months it became a major feature in most of his meals. He is getting more independent by the day and often doesn’t like to be spoon fed. However, once the main meal is over and it’s time for some yoghurt he’s quite happy to take it from a spoon.

How We Chose To Wean | Piglet 10 months old https://oddhogg.com

If I were ever to be in this particular situation again I would do everything the exact same way. It really worked for us. That said, if it hadn’t been for the weight gain issues then I wouldn’t have started the food so early. Piglet was ready, it was clear by the way he took to food immediately, but he was also quite happy in himself with just milk.

As with most things parenting related – I don’t think there is a one size fits all method for weaning. Some babies will love baby led weaning, and others need to ease in with pureed or mashed food at first. The fear of choking can really get some parents feeling uptight about weaning, and if that’s you then it’s totally ok to take it slow and ease in to finger foods!

Although we didn’t give Piglet many shop bought foods when the time came to wean, I do love the ease of taking the sachet’s out and about with you. I discovered the Fill n Squeeze  range and think it’s such a clever idea. You can make the food yourself and then fill the refillable pouches for taking out and about with you.

For older children you can puree from fruit and mix it was greek yoghurt in the pouches. Popping them in the freezer then grabbing them to take on a day out.

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