Recently I have been documenting how I have gained weight since having children. It’s not something that I am particularly happy with, especially as my clothes are feeling tight and uncomfortable at the moment. I have always been someone who favours comfort. If I don’t feel comfortable in an outfit then I won’t wear it, no matter how good other people may say it looks.

Lockdown restrictions have started to ease a bit more in Scotland as we enter stage 2, but the reality is that we are still going to be spending a lot of time at home. Young children don’t know how to practice social distancing, and my diabetes means that I am in a higher risk category. I have always been a bit of a home bird so this doesn’t really bother me – but it does mean I have been looking at new clothes that both make me look and feel good that I can wear at home while I try and tackle my weight gain.

Camera is looking down on to a woman in a white t-shirt with "in a would where you can be anything be kind" written on it
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I have always been a huge fan of slogan t-shirts, and when I saw this “In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind” slogan t-shirt I had to have it. Kindness is something I try really hard to instil in my children, but I believe that we all need a reminder every now and again. I love this t-shirt paired with my jeans and either sandals or trainers if we’re going out for a walk. It’s light weight material means it’s not too hot when it’s sunny, while still covering and protecting my shoulders from UV rays.

A woman wearing a rust coloured loungewear set
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We have been walking as a family as much as possible, especially at the weekend when JHogg is free to go further with us. I’ve also been doing at home workouts and afterwards I can really feel the ache. Comfort is king on those days and this two piece loungewear set is just what I need. I don’t feel restricted and my body can relax, but I’m also not horrified if the doorbell rings!

A woman sitting on a bed wearing a grey loungewear set
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One huge benefit of lockdown is JHogg working from home, which means I can sneak off for 5 minutes peace when it’s needed. The bedroom is a place of solace and I love to get cosy in my grey loungewear and read my kindle. The only problem is it never last long enough! I’ve managed to read 3 books recently though which is about as many as I managed in the whole of last year.

A woman wearing a white t-shirt with a large leopard print lips graphic on it, and a light coloured denim jacket.
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It’s not all loungewear though – our walks and visits to gardens of our family are the only time we get out these days and it’s nice to get dressed up for them. I love the bold print on this white t-shirt and it definitely draws attention. The oversized style makes me feel confident that it’s not clinging in all the wrong places. I pull it to the side and tie it in a knot, and then sling my denim jacket over the top. Add a pair of jeggings and some chunky trainers and I’ve got the perfect outfit for chasing kids down the street.

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