Our family is coming to the end of our 3rd week at home. It’s really weird when I consider I’ve only left the house properly once in that time, and the boys have only had one short trip to ride their scooters on the street outside our house. Piglet has mostly stopped asking “where are we going today?” and they seem fairly content in the little bubble of safety we have at home.

Helping The Children Understand

JJ is obviously oblivious to it all. He is 2 next month and is too little to understand. He is happy to be around us all day, and has developed a couple of cute routines when it comes to seeing JHogg in his office at certain times of day. I love his innocence in it all.

Piglet has been a little more difficult to know how to manage. I don’t want to scare him, and I don’t want him to worry as he can be quite anxious at times. He knew from nursery that they were washing their hands more because of germs, so I continued with that at home. I explained that there were lots of germs outside and that we have to wait for it to be clean, but that our house and garden is nice and safe and we can play as much as we like.

A boy wearing a cape and mask in a garden posing as he pretends to be The Flash
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A few days ago he did ask where we were going that day, the first time in about 5 days that he had asked. I replied about the germs and he said “oh – I thought the fireman had cleaned it?”. I love the simplicity of his imagination, that the firemen would just rock up and spray everything clean! If only it were that easy.

Going Out In Lockdown

Last week I had to take out car for it’s MOT (yes I know extensions are being applied, but my car was no eligible for an extension as it was due in March). I thought I would be pleased for a valid excuse to go out, but I was dreading it for the few days before and was very anxious on the day. I get anxiety about the unknown at the best of times, and knowing I was going to the garage and being unsure of the correct procedures made me really uncomfortable.

It was a garage I have used for years and the staff are lovely, so of course it was no different when I went in – just with a 2m gap between us. I would usually just wait while my MOT is done, but it seemed a bit reckless to sit in their small enclosed space so I chose to spend my time going for a walk and then to the supermarket across the street. I was amazed by the number of people walking around. There were quite a few with shopping bags but others (I guess like me) just appeared to be walking around.

I left the centre of town, crossed the railway and walked towards the coast, which in hindsight was a fairly stupid idea as there were lots more people there. I did spot some rabbits in the deserted kids play-park though – clearly taking advantage of the peace.

A railway line with buildings on the right and side and a bridge in the distance
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My heart raced whenever there was anyone walking towards me, working out the best way to keep to social distancing. I hated the whole process of going to the supermarket, even though it was fairly empty and there was no queuing involved. I was uncomfortable and I didn’t want to be there at all. Thankfully it didn’t take long, I got the car and came home.

I did venture out on to the street with the boys the next day to stretch their legs. Piglet rode on his scooter and JJ walked. We did the loop of our street twice then came back inside. They haven’t asked to do it again and so I haven’t offered. I’m far more comfortable at home.


Last weekend was our 5th wedding anniversary. We were meant to be in Edinburgh, child free and enjoying some time as a couple. Instead we had quite the opposite! No cards and JJ joined us for most of the evening as he is teething and struggling with sleep. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a date and we will celebrate eventually, but it was a reminder of what we are missing out on.

April brings a flurry of birthdays, 2 this week, 2 next week and another 2 later in the month. It’s really strange not seeing my nieces and nephews for their birthdays, but thankfully Amazon has come to the rescue meaning I can send gifts straight to their houses so the kids don’t have to miss out. Next month is JJ’s 2nd birthday and I’m not sure how we will handle that. Depending on the state of the country we may delay it for a few week – he’s too little to know any different. We will just have to see if there is an end in sight by then!

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The Small Moments

Slowing down and only having each other for company has really made us start to appreciate the small moments. Piggie is less tense, less anxious than when he goes out to nursery, and is happy to sit and listen to stories being read more than he ever was before. He asks to play games with me (I panic bought an Orchard Toys Rocket Game when I realised we would be on lockdown and he loves it), does crafts and runs wild in the garden.

A child leaning over a card game with space themed images on the cards
Two children playing with a tray of blue rice with small utensils
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JJ is really thriving at home. He is up on his feet and walking fairly confidently (albeit still quite wobbly). JHogg has tried (and failed) to teach him to jump, he dances now and is signing more than ever to try and communicate with us. At bedtime he rests his hand on my cheek as I sing to him and hold him tight.

The last time JHogg and I spent this much time together was in the weeks after Piggie was born. We are both enjoying a little more freedom to do the things we want to in the house – read a book for me and play darts for him. It’s such a strange time but we have just about found our new version of normal.

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