Week…….7? 8? I’ve lost track now. The days are passing in a blur of playing in the garden and family meal times and I can barely differentiate between weekend and weekdays – never mind how long we’ve been doing this for now!

Lockdown Birthday Party

Last week saw my youngest son turn 2. We would never have been having a huge party, but our already modest celebration was scaled back even further. We gave him a new Micro Scooter so we went out for a walk first thing to give it a go. We thought he would be happy to ride along, but it took him a little while to warm up to the idea!

We tried to create a party atmosphere, and play pass the parcel (more for Piglet’s benefit than anything else). There was cake and some presents from family members that had been dropped off. It was about as much as a little boy could hope for, and he definitely seemed happy.

A boy smiling at a white birthday cake with sprinkles on and 2 candles
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Exploring Our Area

At the weekends when we are all free we are trying to explore our area a bit better. JJ is still unable to walk far so he goes in his pram, but Piglet has surprised us with his willingness to walk further and further. One of our walks this weekend was 3.5km – quite far for little legs.

I thought we’d missed the blossom this year, but we came across some on our last walk. We even found a little “cave” in a place that we walk through regularly. We haven’t been looking properly in the past clearly!

A boy standing in the middle of a giant rainbow drawn on a brick wall in chalk, with his arms spread open
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Getting Busy In The Kitchen

Along with the rest of the country we’ve been baking a lot. Piglet asked to making an apple pie a few weeks ago, and with the leftover apples I baked some mini apple crumbles. There was a birthday cake, brownies, and most recently some chocolate fudge. We have been giving away bits of it when we drop off groceries with other family members but even then a lot has been eaten at home!

Family Dinners

One of the things we miss out on normally is family meals. The boys go to bed around 6:45pm, and so they eat dinner at 5pm. JHogg is usually still at work at that time so we eat separately, once the boys are in bed. We have made a conscious effort to eat together more recently, not just because it’s a time to sit together but because we hope it will instil good eating habits in our children.

JJ is a great eater and, except for pizza, we don’t really have any trouble getting him to try new foods. He is usually the first to clear his plate and shout for more. Piglet has been a fussy eater since around 18 months and working with him to expand on his fairly rigid eat habits is an ongoing project. By eating together there have been quite a few battles over meals, but he has discovered a love for toad in the hole – something I never would have given him before.

A little boy in a yellow jumper sitting at a table
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Stay Home

I can’t really have this post without touching on the ongoing Stay Home message here in Scotland. I am of course aware of the changes that are proposed and starting to slowly come in to effect in England, but on this occasion I am happy that we have a differing approach. We would all love to get out more and see our families, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. But at this stage the Hogg’s are safe and comfortable at home and will remain here until the Scottish government deems it safe to leave. Stay home. Save lives.