It’s been a while since I spoke about things on here. For a while it felt like we were getting back to normal, we were able to see friends and family and move more freely around. It never was quite normal though. Face masks are a standard piece of attire and we are still going through hand sanitiser at speeds I never thought possible. It is a new normal – and we’re adjusting pretty well to it.

Getting Out


In July it was my Dad’s birthday so my parents, sister and our kids went out for a picnic in Finzean and then to paddle in the water of Feugh. It was the furtherest we had travelled out of the city centre by quite a long way and the boys were really excited about an adventure.

We had a picnic in a field, and Piglet picked blaeberries with my mum while JJ and I had a short walk. It was really nice to be somewhere with no one else around so I didn’t have to worry about the boys touching anything or constantly having to call them back.

A boy in a blue jumper and shorts running through the woods
A boy is standing in the woods eating a berry. He is wearing a red jumper, sunglasses and a green cap with dinosaurs on
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Last week we took the boys, along with my parents and sister again, back to a special place on the rive Gairn. It is where we used to go camping as a kid and we all have very happy memories from being there. We had a brief visit last year but the weather wasn’t great so they weren’t able to paddle in the river.

We took our little BBQ with us and left my dad in charge of cooking some sausages while the kids worked up an appetite in the river. JJ was quite content to stand on the side and throw stones in, while Piggie was straight in with a fishing net seeing what he could find.

After lunch we were all firmly in the water for a paddle. As a kid I always remember not really feeling the cold and playing for ages and it was no different that day. My Dad occupied the boys with making a “pool” with rocks in the river while the little ones sat on big rocks and watched or keep throwing stones. The loved it!

A grid of 4 photos from the River Gairn area. The show the water and a bridge over it.
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Picnics And Parks

Most of our trips have been closer to home. The parks opening again means we’ve been able to let the boys run and climb more than we could before. Piglet has been gaining confidence on some of the bigger pieces of equipment, and JJ wasn’t able to walk last time he’d been at the park so it’s opened up a whole new world for him.

Piglet has had a recent fascination with picnics, which is fine by me as it’s a free activity we can do just about anywhere. We had an impromptu one in a new (to us) park next to the woods a few weekends ago and it turned out to be a lovely day.

A woman smiling on a picnic blanket. Her son is leaning on her and sticking his tongue out
A man holding the hands of his 2 sons as they walk through the woods
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Home Improvements

Like most of the country (and probably across the world!) we have been making changes in our house. When we did our renovations a few years ago my parents gave us their old sofa to go in our kitchen. It was perfect at the time, as Piglet was only 18 months old and we didn’t need more than a 2 seater. But the family has obviously grown since then and we needed something bigger.

JHogg and I ventured out to a few shops to try out sofas. We knew we needed a corner one, as that is all that will fit really, and actually found it quite easy to choose one. I was a little bit nervous of going to the shops having not been in any since early March, but the process was very smooth. Each of the shops talked us through what they wanted us to do, and of course we were encouraged to try as many sofas as we needed until we found the one we wanted.

Getting a new sofa means we have to change up the layout in our open plan living/kitchen/dining room. We are selling our old cabinet which we both love but it just won’t fit, and JHogg has an Ikea hack of a Kallax unit planned to give us more storage and to put the tv on…. so we’ll see how that plays out in the next few weeks!

Local Lockdown

On Wednesday it was announced that Aberdeen city would have additional restrictions placed on it. It wasn’t a huge surprise for us, we knew there was a cluster in the area and that it was inevitably coming, but it was still a blow.

We are not in full lockdown like we were before. Bars and restaurants are closed again, and travel is restricted to a 5 mile radius. But we can still meet others outside as long as social distancing is observed. It is a bit disappointing and nerve wracking knowing that Covid-19 is very much alive and well in the area.

For our family the only way it will really impact us is being unable to go in to other houses. Aside from parks we don’t really go anywhere that we will see a lot of people. The weather is nice at the moment which is helpful, and things are being looked at again in 7 days so we will see how it all goes.

Back To Nursery

Piglet is all set to go back to nursery really soon. As he is a returning child he doesn’t go in on the first week of term, but the next week he’ll be up and ready to go first thing. He is more than ready to get back, and we’ve been talking about seeing his friends and teachers again and he seems keen.

A mum and her son smiling at the camera together
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I am also ready for a bit of the freedom it will give me (even if it is only for 2 and a half hours a day). JJ has just a few months until he will be starting nursery too so I want to make the most of his final few months at home and hope that some focussed 1 on 1 time will help with his speech.

I’m still waiting for final plans from the school for the way things will operate when the kids return, assuming the local restrictions don’t affect things. There are 40 children in Piglet’s nursery room so I’m not sure how, if at all, they plan to keep them separate. It’ll be a change from how he remembers but he is resilient and I know he will take it all in his stride.

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