Feeling a little bit stressed is part and parcel of being a parent these days. Poor sleep can make a simple situation seem worse than it is, and all around we can be guilty of feeling a little uptight in certain situations.

Stress can often be confused with anxiety, when in actual fact they are two very different feelings. The terms are often used interchangeably, which we really shouldn’t do as they require different actions to relieve the feeling. Do you know the difference between stress and anxiety?

The Difference Between Stress And Anxiety | It can be hard to pin point what the feelings you have are. This post is about identifying anxiety and what you can do to help https://oddhogg.com

I often get anxiety about visiting new places. I am guilty of sticking to my comfort zone and avoiding unfamiliar places if I am alone. If I know I am going to be visiting somewhere new, be it a hospital appointment, meeting someone in a restaurant or locating a particular meeting room when I was working, the anxiety can set it days before.

It will niggle at the back of my mind. I will run scenarios through my head, play out the “what ifs” and be unable to relax. For me, it is a feeling of constantly being on edge. I am unable to relax, or simply switch off. I am very lucky that I don’t have anxiety about new places if I have someone coming with me, it is only if I know I will be going alone.

To help you spot the symptoms of anxiety, Kalms have produced this great infographic. If you find that you are suffering with anxiety on a regular basis then ask your pharmacist about some over the counter products that may help you, or visit your GP. There are things that can be done to help.

The Difference Between Stress And Anxiety | infographic https://oddhogg.com

Alternatively you can watch this short video which can help you understand what you are experiencing.

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