We are a family of board game lovers. When we get together it is often how we fill our evenings, and that habit is slowly rubbing off on to our children. Games night is a great way to spend time together, and sneak in a little bit of extra learning too.

I was very privileged growing up, living abroad for a spell and traveling to some exciting places across the world. It gave me exposure to different countries and cultures in a way that cannot be rivalled. I want my children to learn more about the world around them, but these days much of that education is coming from within our own home.

Discover The World Game Review

The Discover The World Game sees you racing around the world, trying to be the first to reach and collect your destinations. Hit roadblocks on your journey or battle country stats with another player to win their destination. It’s an educational game for the whole family, learning about countries, continents and cultures as you race to be the travel champion.

A board game with a world map on it with multicoloured countries
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What Is In The Box

There aren’t many parts to the game, making it quick and easy to set up.

  • Large game board, with an illustrated map of the world on it.
  • 6 Counters, with arrow stickers to help clearly point which country you are visiting
  • Destination cards
  • Arrival cards
  • Journey cards
  • Numbers dice
  • Colours dice
A white counter with a little arrow pointing to a point on a world map
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Playing Discover The World

The idea behind the Discover The World game is very simple, you want to be the first player to collect 10 destination cards, either by landing on the destination or by winning them from other players. For a shorter game you can reduce the number of destinations required.

A corner of the Discover The World Game board, with Destination cards, Journey cards and Arrival cards
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You roll the dice to move between the countries, but be ware of rolling a 6 as you will have to draw a journey card. You might get lucky and manage to get an earlier flight, moving you closer to your destination, or you might have forgotten your passport and have to go back to the beginning.

The game is not over when you’ve arrived at your destination – it’s not that easy! Your arrival card will determine whether you have a smooth arrival or if you are denied entry and have to give your destination card to another player. You could also have to challenge another player using the stats on your destination cards.

A counter and a dice on a world map board game, with a playing card from the game
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Destination Cards

The board itself helps you learn where countries are around the world, but the destination cards are what hold the details for each country. Have you ever wondered what the national animal of Costa Rica is? A famous food from South Africa? How to say hello in Switzerland? You and your fellow players learn as you play. The instructions suggest that when you pick a new destination card you say hello in that language, which I think is a great way to start the game.

2 Destination cards from the Discover The World Game
A closer look at a destination card
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A Family Board Game

My own children are too young for the Discover The World game yet, but I have plenty nieces and nephews to play with. We really enjoyed it and my 7 year old nephew picked up the rules and idea behind the game very quickly. Not only did we learn about the world, it also encouraged reading and a bit of strategic thinking and problem solving as you work out the best route to your destination.

As far as family board games though I think the Discover The World Game is going to be a big hit for years to come in our house.

I was sent a sample in order to create this Discover The World Game review. All words and opinions are my own.