I don’t know about you, but I am starting to get used to the idea of getting out and being “normal” again. Last weekend JHogg and I ventured out, complete with face masks, to try and find a new sofa for our family room. It felt strange but it was also great to be doing that kinds of thing.

The problem is, after so long at home and not seeing anyone I have become accustomed to being comfortable in my clothes. Gone are the days where I would where something just because it looked good – if it’s not lose and comfortable then I’m not wearing it. I’ve chosen some new items of clothing to refresh my wardrobe and make sure I feel good and dress for comfort.

A woman wearing a pink t-shirt with "fearless femme" written on it
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The first item I chose was a slogan pink t-shirt. I have always been a huge fan of pink and purple, so it was a no brainer that I’d need a new top in this colour. I love the oversized style with simple skinny jeans or leggings, and the colour makes me feel feminine even when I’ve got my hair thrown up and feel wiped from chasing the kids around. Plus with “Fearless Femme” written on it you can’t help but feel empowered!

A woman with her hand on her hip wearing a black dress
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It may be summer here in Scotland in theory but let’s be honest – we don’t see much sun. Those few day’s we get are broken up by high winds and a lot of rain. This high-necked black wrap dress is nice on it’s on, but on colder days I like to wear it over jeans (largely because the jeans help to suck in my stomach!). The stretchy material means I don’t feel restricted while still getting to wear something tighter fitting that can show off some of my figure.

A woman wearing a grey tracksuit holding a mug with both hands
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On those days when we don’t go out – and there are still many of them – I don’t always want to getting dressed, but I don’t want to stay in my pyjamas either. I’m scared my DPD delivery guy would judge me for being in my dressing gown at 2pm! The grey loungewear set is perfect for staying at home with a hot chocolate (or coffee if that’s your thing) in comfort. I could make all sorts of claims of curling up with a book but lets be honest – I rarely get time for that!

A woman in a blue graphic t-shirt wearing sunglasses and smiling at the camera.
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It’s not all about being cozy though, and I love playing in the garden with the boys. The same came out last Saturday and we had a BBQ with some friends. I wore my new blue t-shirt and jeans with my sunglasses and it felt great. I can tell it would be really nice with shorts too, but I may have to head to a sunnier climate for that. The material was light and airy, and it wasn’t too tight which meant I wasn’t feeling too hot even when sat out in the sun.

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