We are in full festive mode in the Hogg household. The tree is up, presents have been bought and wrapped and the Christmas jumpers are out in full force. We’ve been making tree decorations, singing Christmas songs and pretty much embracing all things Christmas…. and we’ve still almost 2 weeks to go until the big day.

Christmas Day for us will be spent with both sets of family, who we are very luckily to have in Aberdeen with us. The close proximity of family means we don’t have that big moment that signifies Christmas is starting. I drag out the holidays from the first moment I can get away with it, but I haven’t always done that.

Driving Home For Christmas | Snowman www.oddhogg.com

When I was a student I lived in Edinburgh. I sat exams in December and would finally hop in the car late December to drive home to see JHogg for Christmas. It was one of my favourite times, but because of the time of year the drive itself wasn’t always the easiest (thanks Scottish weather!). At the time my car was about 14 years old so I had gotten quite used to tinkering with it to make sure it was ok before a trip.

One thing I’ve learnt since upgrading my car is that regardless of its age, there are a few things you should be doing before taking a long journey. If you want to increase you #TyreKnowledge then TyrePlus have released an eBook with lots of information in it. There are details on what you need to know about the laws surround tyres (only 51% of people knew that the minimum tyre tread depth was 1.6mm – did you know?), what the consequences could be if you don’t check your tyres and a few maintenance hacks to make sure that you are ready fo your bit trip.

Checking the tyres might feel like just another thing to add to the never ending list of jobs to do before you head home for the holidays, but an extra 10 minutes giving everything a once over could keep you safe in the long run!

Driving Home For Christmas | Car in snow www.oddhogg.com

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