We are half way through the summer holidays here in Scotland. Our days have been filled with paddling pools, parks and sticking faces from ice creams. Routines have fallen by the wayside and day time naps in the car have become a regular thing. In short – the boys are having a blast. But it’s not always easy is it?

Piglet is used to spending 5 mornings a week in nursery. He is accustomed to a range of different toys, children to play with and activities to occupy him for 3 hours a day. During the summer holidays it has fallen to me to provide that extra stimulation to not only keep him entertained and stop the whinging and questionable behaviour, but also work on core skills with him to help him grow and develop. And that just doesn’t come naturally to me.

Early Years Fun subscription boxes have taken the stress out of it all for me this summer. I was sent one of their one off boxes, which are packed with educational fun for young children. Each box has a theme, and Piglet was sent a transport box to keep him occupied.

Early Years Fun Subscription Box - a cardboard box filled with red crepe paper. There are some transport themed papers and 3 toy carsRelated Post: Irish Fairy Door Review

In each box there are 10 activities based on the theme. Each of them explores an area of child development, such as sensory play, imaginative play, reading, games and science experiments. The activities are all listed on one laminated sheet as a guide, and then bagged up separately with all the items you need. I love that as it’s such a small thing to do but it makes a huge difference to busy parents.

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I first used the box on a day where I was spending with my nephews. The made a airplane and tried to make it fly around the garden, then pretended to be planes themselves while they retrieved it. That sort of activity was perfect for the age range (3, 4 and 6) as they could all be included.

A young boy playing with a foam airplane in the gardenRelated Post: Mega Hi-Tower Review

Later that day I heard the dreaded “I’m bored” from my younger nephew, so I set him to work with the Read It activity from the box. He spent a quiet moment colouring in, and then gathered the others for a story with Grandad. That book has now become one of Piglet’s current favourites, with “dog digger” being requested regularly at bedtime.

A child colouring in a bookmark with diggers onA grandfather reading a story to 3 of his grandsonsRelated Post: My First Thomas And Friends Review

Back at home we have continued to dip in to the box when I’m running low on inspiration. Piglet has really enjoyed the car wash in particular. It is SUCH a simple activity and he has done it a lot during the heat wave.

a child washing a toy car with a sponge and a dish of waterRelated Post: Strictly Briks Review

There are a few different options for getting a box of your own. You can make a one off purchase of a box of your choice, sign up to a monthly subscription or sign up to a set of either 3, 6 or 12 months of boxes. Our personal experience is that a box will last more than a month, but I can also see how others may use all the activities in a much shorter period of time. Piglet has only needed one or two new activities a week.

Overall, I really like the box. The activities are simple yet effective. It is encouraging Piglet, and myself, to use the objects we have around the house to find fun ways to pass the time. For us they’re a hit!

We were sent an Early Years Fun Subscription Box for the purposes of carrying out this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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