Tired. Exhausted. Haggard. All words to describe the average mother, no matter how old their children. There is so much to do in the day looking after the little ones, and that’s aside from managing the other daily tasks which don’t involve nappies, temper tantrums and school runs. If you’re a mum, then you probably understand. And despite telling yourself you will do things differently after having a second child, vowing to find better ways to manage your crazy mummy life, you will probably still fall into the usual lifestyle that befits many a poor mother. While we can’t pop over and clean up your house or look after your kids, we can give you some advice on how to stay energised, despite the parental demands.

Energising Tips For Tired Mums

Take a look at the following tips, and put as many of them as you can into practice.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Even if you have to get out of bed an hour before your kids, you should still make eating breakfast a priority. This will give you the energy you need for the rest of the day, so even when your kids are getting up to whatever it is they get up to, you will have some energy to help you cope. Check out these high-protein breakfast ideas, and choose something you might enjoy.
  • Give yourself a caffeine-burst. While we wouldn’t advocate drinking too much caffeine, it’s near-essential when you need a quick pick-me-up. Whether it’s an energy drink or a  cup of coffee, ensure you have something in when you need it the most. Hint: you can buy a two chimps coffee subscription here, and as well as being energy-tastic, the coffees on offer taste wonderful to boot!
  • Forego your junk diet. The junk food you eat can make you feel tired and sluggish, so that will only compound your feelings of exhaustion from running after your kids. So, cut out the takeaways, microwaved meals, and sugary binges. Focus on your fruit and veggies instead, as well as healthy treats and snacks that will give you more energy to cope during the day, rather than deflate it.
  • Get plenty of sleep. We admit that this is a near-impossibility, especially when your children are still very young, but it is vital that you find as much time for shut-eye as you can. Get the kids to bed at a decent time so you can hit the hay sooner as well. Make use of extended family members to childmind occasionally, giving you the time to close your eyes for a few hours. And if you need to take a nap in the daytime occasionally when your kids are at school, then do it
  • Stay active. Okay, so running around after your kids may be exercise enough for you! But there are other ways to stay active, be that taking a walk around the park with your children, or going to a gym that offers childcare facilities. Taking part in exercise will boost your energy levels, even though it seems counterproductive when you are already tired. You will then have more energy to play games outdoors with the kids, chase them upstairs to bed, and flee from them when you need to get a breather!

We hope our advice helped you, but if you have any other hints and tips for all the tired mums out there, be sure to let us know. Thanks for reading!

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