Over the last 2 months people up and down the country have been taking part in video calls. Zoom has been by far the favourite and I think it’s been installed in every household now. It’s been a great way to keep up with friends and family, have virtual classes and hold business meetings. But let’s be honest – over the last 9 weeks standards have drastically slipped when it comes to how you look on camera.

The Start Of Lockdown

A zoom call with the girls is much anticipated. It’s the main event of the week and calls for maximum effort. Hair is washed and styled, make-up done. You draw the line fake tan – that would just be ridiculous – but if you’re being honest it did cross your mind!

Girls night is a great excuse to put on your new one shoulder dress and sparkly heels. You can’t wait until they all see it and compliment you. You know they will all be jealous. Meeting up online is still new and exciting. You are oblivious to the fact you have chatted over whatsapp all week – it’s different to video call.

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One Month Of Lockdown

The shine has worn off somewhat. You still live for those catch-ups, but the effort level has dropped. Dresses are replaced with the more relaxed option. You proudly wear your “Stay Home” oversized t-shirt, both on Zoom and when you clap for our carers on a Thursday.

Just because you’re more comfortable it doesn’t mean you let go of fashion though. Black cargo trousers give you confidence, and you’ve got your trainers on. That way you’re ready to run out the door at a moments notice to do your daily exercise – despite having never walked for fun in your life before lockdown began. Hair is still washed but make-up is minimal. Tossing a bright lipstick on hides that though.

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Two Months Of Lockdown

Standards have slipped considerably. You hair is tossed up in a bun, because by this point it is more dry-shampoo than anything else. You get ready for the weekly quiz night by tucking a black t-shirt in to your jeans (which you’re only wearing because you spilled ice cream on your joggers). You don’t even like quizzes anymore, but frankly you have nothing else to do so you might as well take part.

Luckily the black top is forgiving and hides the fact you’ve gained more than a few pounds thanks to all the lockdown baking. You never want to eat banana bread again – which is just as well because you can’t buy any flour anywhere.

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The next stage from here? Well I’ve been pretty close to having a call in my pyjamas already so I’d say it’s a pretty slippery slope. Let’s hope things start to improve so we can meet up with people in “real life” soon!

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