Since I am new to blogging I thought you might want to get to know me a little better! I figure the best way to do this would be to do a fun facts about me tag. I’ve no idea what these questions are going to be like but lets give it a go!

25 Fun Facts About Me | A silly tag with 25 facts for you to try and get to know me better. Are you a blogger? Would you like to take part? Comment on the post and let me know

Middle name: Elizabeth

Favourite subject at school: Music, but for some reason I chose an engineering degree

Favourite drink: Alcoholic – I’m partial to a gin and tonic. Non alcoholic – I love diet coke but I try to stick to diluting juices.

Favourite song: Probably Queen – You’re My Best Friend. It was our first dance.

Favourite food: Cake of all kinds! Same goes for pasta

Last thing you bought: A cute skirt and jumper in the FatFace sale

Favourite book of all time: Harry Potter – all of them.

Favourite colour: Purple

Pets: Rodney – our Puggle

Favourite perfume: Channel – Chance

Favourite holiday: I love trips to Florida, shopping and visiting the theme parks

Married: Yup! Since March 2015

How many times have you been out of the country: Too many to count, plus I live abroad for a few years.

Do you speak another language: In short – no

Siblings: 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother

Favourite shop: Hard to say. I’m partial to Next for clothes, but I do like good old Debenhams for getting a little of everything

Favourite restaurant: I don’t really have one, I like to try new places. But I do enjoy anything Italian

Last time you cried: I can’t remember so it can’t have been recent! A couple of weeks ago maybe?

Favourite blog: I like both Mrs Meldrum and This Mama Life

Favourite movie: Harry Potter again! Or the Notebook and anything Disney

Favourite TV Show: Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 – my guilty pleasure

PC or Mac: I’m currently working on a Mac but I much prefer a PC

Type of phone: Space Grey iPhone 6 with a lovely crack in the screen

Height: 5ft 3in

Can you cook: I cook with varying levels of success. I enjoy it when I have the time to work uninterrupted and not under pressure. Mid week meals are more thrown together.

Since there is no question that covers it – I have Type 1 Diabetes. It doesn’t define me but it is a major aspect of my life and is likely to be something I make reference to from time to time.

25 Facts About Me

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