Family Trip TO Corfu | Piglet with sunglasses

Family Holiday In Corfu

This year we jetted off to Corfu for some much needed sunshine. We had been in Aviemore for a weekend in June, but that couldn’t quite compare with the lure of the Mediterranean sun! My parents were renting a villa for two weeks with enough space in it for us to head out and join them – we didn’t need asking twice!

The only catch in this plan was that they were going out for a week before us. That meant we had to coordinate Piglet, a pram, 2 suitcases and a car seat to the airport and onto the plane alone. And I was dreading it!

Family Holiday In Corfu | We hopped on a plane and headed on holiday last week. We met my parents there so Piglet had his Granny and Grandad to entertain him while we had some sunshine

Our flight left at 7:25am, so we were all a bit bleary eyed as we got up at 4am. Piglet was shattered after being woken so early so pitched a fit as we were waiting to board the plane. Ideal. I had high hopes for him to take a nap during the flight.

He was sat on my knee and I managed to keep him still for takeoff by giving him a bottle. They are usually kept for bedtime only, so the novelty of it held his attention. Once we were in the air I put on our Galaxy Tablet so he could watch the Lion King. By some miracle he sat still for pretty much the entire duration of the flight.

Family Trip TO Corfu | Piglet with sunglasses

My parents collected us from the airport in Corfu and took us to the villa. It was in Kaminaki , a tiny little village on the coast. The villa was right on the beach, ideal for having a quick swim or letting Piglet play with the stones.

Family Trip TO Corfu | Kaminaki Beach

The first night was pretty rough. Piglet hadn’t slept on the plane and only had a short nap in the car once we arrived so he was really over tired. A new bed, in a new house after a busy day was all too much and he found it hard to settle. Thankfully I’d brought a Peppa Pig dvd with us, so he sat up watching that with my mum until nearly 2am. I gave up and went to bed at 1am as I was just so tired!

Family Trip TO Corfu | JHogg at sunset

What followed was a series of lazy days and swims in the pool or sea. There was a big storm one day, but the rest of the time was nice and sunny. We drove to Kassiopi one day for lunch and found a bar with a huge soft play area and a trampoline which Piglet burnt off some energy on.

Family Trip TO Corfu | Piglet In the sun

Most of the beaches on Corfu seem to be rocky, but we found one in Roda that had sand and we spent one evening there soaking up the rest of the sun for the day. Piglet turned out to be quite the beach baby. He loves sitting on the edge of the sea, usually with my Dad, playing with a plastic rake that he had taken a particular shine to.

Family Trip TO Corfu | Grandad and Piglet on the beach

Since we were staying in a villa we put Piglet to bed at his usual time most nights and then cooked at home. It saved us from trying to entertain a tired toddler in a restaurant. We were lucky that, aside from the first night, he was happy to head off to sleep and rise again between 8 and 9 the next morning.

Family Trip TO Corfu | Piglet with watermelon

It was lovely to get away, and we are already dreaming about a trip for next year. Our plan is to stay closer to home though and take advantage of the available holiday spots within the uk!

I made a little video of our trip – check it out below if you fancy seeing a bit more of what we got up to.

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