We have had a fab month. November is always fun with lots going on, and picking our favourite five was really tough! We had JHogg’s birthday, a weekend away, new sofas and movement milestones for Piglet. We have started the process for having some major work done in the house so there is a lot of excitement and anticipation of what’s going to happen. It looks like the next few months will have lots of fun new purchases which I’m sure I’m going to want to feature in this! It might have to become my favourite 55…….

Anyway – back to November!

Our Favourite Five - November 2016 | A list of the five things we have loved this month htto://oddhogg.com

1. Stacking Cups

This is for Piglet obviously, he’s the fan! We were given these stacking cups when he was born and kind of forgot about them. This month we have started getting them out for him to play with. If you stack them up then he is more than happy to knock them down sharpish. I actually don’t know a kid who doesn’t like doing that though!

His favourite thing to do with them though is to bang them together. I have no shame in admitting that it is the most annoying thing he has learnt to do to date. But he is having a grand old time when he has some cups, and if he’s happy then I’m happy!

I carry two with me in his change bag so he can make noise where ever we go……. something I haven’t always thought through fully!

2. Christmas Wrapping

I know, I know. It’s still November. But I’ve wrapped some presents, and I’ve enjoyed it. We have quite a few of our Christmas presents already and I don’t see the point in leaving them sitting around unwrapped!

This year I ordered a big roll of plain brown paper and various Christmas ribbons to wrap our gifts with. I did consider getting some stamps and decorating the paper myself, but I just knew I wouldn’t have the time to get it all done properly before Christmas. In the future I definitely want to do that with Piglet.

I really like the way the gifts are looking so far!

Our Favourite Five - November 2016 | Wrapped Presents https://oddhogg.com

3. Christmas Candles

My sister in law gave me a gift set of Yankee Candle Votives 2 years ago for Christmas. I put them aside to use the following year and completely forgot! When I started to get out some autumn bits and pieces this year I found them again and have put them straight to good use.

I love a candle of any kind really – I’m not too fussy! But there is something special about the autumnal and Christmas scents that put me in a good mood. It’s been lovely closing the curtains, putting the heating on and lighting a candle in the dark evenings. Only gripe is that soon they’ll be gone!

Our Favourite Five - November 2016 | Yankee Candle https://oddhogg.com

4. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book has become our go to movie. Piglet loves it, and will drop everything if I put it on. There have been a few occasions where he just won’t settle. When he had a cold he got himself all worked up one night and I was running low on ideas for how to settle him. Out of desperation I got King Of the Swingers up on YouTube on my phone and he was instantly quiet, cuddling close to me to listen to it.

I like knowing that I can have something on hand now to settle him if he’s really upset. It won’t always be practical, but if the option is there then I will use it!

I was hoping to get him something small and Jungle Book related for Christmas. If you can think of anything then please let me know! We aren’t buying him much so I don’t want to spend a lot, but it would be a nice reminder of the movie.

5. Aviemore

At the start of the month we went away for 3 nights with some family to Aviemore. It had been 2 years since our last visit and I had forgotten how great it is. The whole place has a great atmosphere and there is so much to do!

We had a day out at Landmark, exploring what you could do in their winter opening. We went up the Funicular, but we couldn’t get outside to the viewing area as it was too icy. We’ll just have to go back again so we can do it!

In the evenings we got the boys off to bed then got the games out! We could have dinner in peace, a glass of wine and a LOT of silliness. It was just what we needed.

Our Favourite Five - November 2016 | Landmark https://oddhogg.com

How was your November? Do you have a favourite five?

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