JJ is now 7 months old and is still the smiley happy baby he’s always been. Although he still doesn’t sit or roll, I’ve seen big changes in him over the last month and he is really interacting these days.

Over the last few months I’ve been working with Taf Toys to see how JJ gets on with some of their products. I found the Developmental Pillow great for working on his tummy time, and he loves playing on the I Love Big Mat. Over the last month we have been trying out 3 more of their products that are suitable for a slightly older baby – perfect for the stage we’re at now.

The Laptoy Activity Centre (available from is suitable Boots and Amazon) from 6 months, and is an activity toy that will grow with your baby. It has 12 activities for your little one to explore and play with, with lots of different textures and noises to capture their attention. There is even a little carry handle for them to take it along with them wherever they go.

My Favourite Taf Toys Products for a 7 month old www.oddhogg.com

As JJ is not sitting yet he mostly plays with it while lying on his tummy. It makes him lift his head and reach out with his hands, working on those core muscles that he needs to strengthen in order to master rolling over. He does also like to be sat up to have a turn though, as it gives him a different level fo access to the toys. The toy has has detachable clips, so you can hang it on to the side of a cot of playpen when they are sitting up so they can have a play. I have put the clips safely away until that day comes for us!

My Favourite Taf Toys Products for a 7 month old | Laptoy activity centre www.oddhogg.com

For the last 6 weeks we have been exploring the world of weaning. JJ hasn’t taken to it quite as readily as I had hoped, but we are just taking it at his pace and letting him play with the different textures. We introduced the Mealtime Monkey Hide-And-Eat plate (available from Amazon)  to try and keep him engaged at the table and coax him to reach out for the food.

My Favourite Taf Toys Products for a 7 month old www.oddhogg.com

The plate is designed to stick to the surface so that baby can’t move it around, however we sit JJ directly at the table and I haven’t been able to get the plate to stick as we have a table cloth. I don’t find it a big issue at this stage though as I am usually sat with him while he eats.

The monkey’s mouth “opens” to reveal the food, and slides shut again. JJ has found this quite amusing, but his coordination isn’t great so he hasn’t played with it a huge amount. Piglet on the other hand….. he is trying to take it for himself. He thinks it’s great fun and often asks for his lunch to be in the monkey. He can be quite a fussy eater so I haven’t complained at all, if he wants to steal his brothers plate then that’s just fine as long as he eats the food that’s in it! I think JJ will love it in a few months time, when we are further on with weaning and he can reach and grab a little bit better.

My Favourite Taf Toys Products for a 7 month old www.oddhogg.com

One of the down sides of being the younger sibling is how much time you waste sitting in the car while your brother is driven to and from nursery. JJ used to always use that time to catch up on some sleep, but as he’s getting older he has become a bit more vocal while we’re on the move.

My Favourite Taf Toys Products for a 7 month old www.oddhogg.com

The North Pole Feet Fun Car Toy (available from Boots or Amazon) is designed to keep little ones entertained while in the car. It is suitable for rear facing and has 3 activities for baby to plat with while you drive. There is a contrasting foot stimulation pad, but JJ’s little legs don’t quite reach it yet. The north pole characters hang down for him to watch as they sway around and reach out to grab them. The particular car seat that we have requires the handle to be towards the back of the car, which does leave it in the way a little bit of the toy. It is still usable though and hasn’t stopped JJ enjoying it.

My Favourite Taf Toys Products for a 7 month old www.oddhogg.com

JJ has really been getting stuck in with playing with his latest Taf Toys items, and as he gets older I know they will grow with him and he will sue them over and over again.

I was sent these items from Taf Toys as part of an ongoing collaboration in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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