You may remember that not that long ago I was trying out the Sky Kids app with Piglet in the run up to our holiday. I am so glad we did, as we put it to great use during our trip! Piglet, and his cousins, were able to sit and catch a few moments of calm during a fairly hectic holiday and have a little down time with some familiar favourites.

Screen time is something that is quite new to us. At 2 and a half, Piglet is aware of phones and tablets but I haven’t found myself relying on them to keep him entertained. I have always been a little fearful of what you can find online with just a few taps, and so was reluctant to let him loose. The fact that the app is designed specifically for children, and so all the programmes in it are suitable for kids, has given me the confidence to let him have some time on the tablet.

Festive Entertainment With Sky Kids | Piglet watching Paw Patrol

It’s no surprise that I have confidence in the app. Since I first reviewed it, the Sky Kids app has won Mumsnet Rated. Out of the 103 Mumsnet Testers that tried it out, 94% would use it again and 97% said they would recommend it. I think that speaks volumes it would be recommended by so many, in fact I have recommended it to a few mums myself recently too.

Now that December is here we have fairly hit the ground running with Christmas preparation. With presents to buy, decorations to put up and festive food to organise my days are full, but not all of that is fun for Piglet. This is the first year that he is starting to understand what Christmas is all about, and I’d hate for him to be whinging because he’s bored the whole time.

I am finding that I can avoid a toddler meltdown by strategic use of screen time. Having the tablet safely stored in the changing bag, ready to pull out when it’s needed, is being a bit of a life saver. Shopping is boring for kids – no one will deny that! But we have some of Piglet’s favourite shows downloaded on to the Sky Kids app so he can sit in the pram while I try to whizz around the shops buying the seemingly never ending list of Christmas gifts.

Festive Entertainment With Sky Kids | Christmas Paw Patrol special

It’s not just been on the go that I’ve been getting a helping hand from technology. With JJ being more alert now he is quite the telly bug. I will sometimes play nursery rhymes on the tv to keep him occupied while I get on with the housework search for festive dessert ideas for Christmas Day (I made this rocky road Christmas pudding last year – it was glorious!). Cue uproar from a toddler who thinks he owns the TV. After the hype of nursery in the morning I don’t blame him for wanting to sit quietly for a bit and chill out. Some quiet time with the tablet while his brother watches the TV seems to do the trick and he’s soon back to his happy self!

The Sky Kids app is always updating and changing the episodes that are available. Since we first installed it the Baby TV channel has been added, which includes Charlie And The Alphabet. This is a program that I’ve been encouraging Piglet to watch recently as I have been working on his alphabet with him. Knowing that some of the shows he’s watching are educational gives me a little bit of peace of mind that his time on the tablet is productive.

Festive Entertainment With Sky Kids | Stick Man

Of course, with Christmas around the corner it is no surprise that Sky Kids has included a few Christmas episodes in their repertoire. Piglet has watched the Paw Patrol gang save Christmas more times than I care to count. Stick Man has also been a firm favourite, as well as the Charlie & Lola and Hey Duggee Christmas specials. As December is only just starting I do fear I’ll be going insane by the time Christmas comes around, but at least when he watches on the tablet I am not so aware of the same episodes being watched over and over and over…….. and over!

To help out all the mums and dads out there over the festive season, Sky Kids is sponsoring ice rink at Winter wonderland this year! We learnt pretty quickly when we were at Disney World that kids do not like queuing, so there are iPads in the queueing area of the ice rink. That way mums and dads can entertain their little ones with the Sky Kids app while they wait to skate with festive games, quizzes and their favourite shows.

What is your go to activity for keeping the kids occupied while you get things ready for Christmas? Will you be using the Sky Kids app or do you have another trick up your sleeve?

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