Ever since I found out I was pregnant I was torn about giving Piglet a comforter as a sleep aid. It seems a great way to indicate that its bed time and to help them settle down and drift off to sleep, but at the back of my mind I was always worried about the repercussions if we lost it!

When we were asked to review the My First Thomas Comforter and Plush Toy I was still a little hesitant. Was I about to make a rod for my own back? A habit that would be impossible to break?

My First Thomas Comforter and Toy Review | We have been trying the new range of thomas the tank engine toys available in Tesco https://oddhogg.com

I did what all social media addicts do in this sort of situation – I put the question out thereto see what others have to say about it!

“Harry has a “Baa”, well actually he has two, he calls them collectively, “Lots of Baas” which is just the cutest thing ever” – Laura, Five Little Doves

“Erin sleeps with Bunny and has done every night since she was about ten months old. We have various ‘bunnys’ and he’s been through a lot bless him!” – Lucy, Real Mum Review

“A Mickey Mouse comforter. It was given to us as a present when he was a newborn and I used it as a sleep aid. Every time he was due a nap, Mickey would make an appearance. In recent weeks he much prefers the Sleepytot and if I place it on his face and he is tired he will nuzzle into it. It’s been great as an indicator for knowing when he needs a nap” – Nicola, Mummy To Dex

“A lion here, because with everything he’s been through, he’s become our lion” – Victoria, Mummy Times Two

“Yes, we have bunny! She’s had her since she was born and almost 2 years on she still has her every night in bed. One of my friends spotted the same one and bought it for me as a back up” – Jenna, Then There Were Three

“Yes, it’s me lol. I really wish he had one as it’s quite demanding being the comforter. I suspect it’s because of the breastfeeding.” – Nadia, Scandi Mummy

The general consensus was positive! No one else seemed to have my fear of losing the comforter, and what Nadia said about wishing they used on really struck a chord. So I decided to dive in!

The Comforter

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the comfort blanket was how soft it is. It is velvety to touch, and I knew straight away Piglet was going to want to rub it on his face! The colours are bright without being garish, and the quality of the stitching is excellent.

My First Thomas Comforter and Toy Review | Comfort Blanker https://oddhogg.com

The Thomas shaped teether at the bottom is a really nice addition, and is not something I’ve seen on a comfort blanket in the past. Although Piglet is mostly passed the stage of putting anything and everything in his mouth, he is still very much teething and it is definitely going to come in useful. It is attached with velcro, making it easy to remove for washing.

My First Thomas Comforter and Toy Review | Teether https://oddhogg.com

Piglet has been known to rub a blanket on his face when he is tired, so I decided that I would keep the comforter in the change bag to pull out if he needed a nap on the go. It took a little while for him to get the idea of it, but once he did there was no going back!

When at an exercise class Piglet started to fuss. I gave him his dummy and the comforter and lay him on a spare mat. Although he didn’t go to sleep, he clutched the blanket tight and occasionally rubbed it on his face. It gave me peace for the final 5 minutes of the class, which I definitely wouldn’t have had without it!

My First Thomas Comforter and Toy Review | Lying on a gym mat https://oddhogg.com

Piglet has had a cold, which means when he rubs the comforter on his face it can get a bit snotty! I’ve already washed the comforter a couple of times now because of it. It has dried nice and quickly when hung outside and stayed nice and soft.

The Soft Toy

The toy has the same velvety feel as the the comforter on the main body of the train. The features are softer, not quite as harsh as the cartoon and generally seem more “baby-like” (is that even a thing?!).

My First Thomas Comforter and Toy Review | Thomas Plush Toy https://oddhogg.com

Piglet is not yet walking, and so he finds the toy a bit big to try and carry when he’s crawling around. As a result it hasn’t been played with much.

However, if he’s tired and he knows it’s there he has started crawling over and resting his head on it. I’m gutted I haven’t been able to capture it, but he doesn’t lay his head down for very long – a few seconds at most!

The Verdict

I’m definitely a sleep aid convert. The Thomas and Friends comforter is a firm favourite with Piglet and I think will stay that way. Both it, and the plush toy, are well made but still lovely and soft against baby skin.

If you want to get your hands on them they are available in Tesco right now!

I was sent the My First Thomas And Friends Comfort Blanket and Plush Toy free of charge for the purposes of carrying out a review.

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