In the last 6 months Piglet has really started to love slime, modelling dough and all of those sorts of things that you can poke, squeeze and play with again and again. Over the last two weeks he’s been playing with Foam Alive at every available moment, so I feel more than qualified to give you a review of the Foam Alive Double Flip Pack.

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What Is Foam Alive?

Soft and squishy, foam alive is a fluffy foam that will flow through your fingers or hold a shape for a few seconds. It is a tactile toy that you will find yourself drawn to, intrigued by the sensation that can only be satisfied by sensory play. When you squeeze and mould the foam it feels quite firm and rubbery in texture, but once you let it go it appears to expand before your eyes and

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The double flip pack comes with two colours, purple and green, in a hour glass shaped case. The case is used to store your foam, meaning there is minimal wasted packaging which is always a plus. Before you take the foam out of the casing you can watch it flow down the sides, turning it upside down over and over again to see it as often as you like.

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What Did We Think?

Piggie was so excited to get started when he saw the Foam Alive pack, but once we opened it up he was a bit lost with where to start. We found the foam a little difficult to get out at first, but with the help of a chopstick I fished it out of the tub and on to the table. After being played with for a a minute it was absolutely fine – it just needed loosened up a bit.

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At first, just poking the foam and watching it react was addictive enough, but soon it was being grabbed, squeezed and played with fully. I gave Piglet a few of his plastic toys to use with it, a mini bucket and knife from his play kitchen. If you create a shape with the Foam Alive and then slice it to it the result is very satisfying to watch!

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Storing Foam Alive

The packaging is, in theory, the ideal storage solution. However we had a few issues with the Foam Alive Double Flip Pack. The lid can be quite difficult to take off, although that isn’t really a complaint as it means Piglet can’t go and help himself to it at times when I don’t really want it out!

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My only real problem with the storage case is that there is only 1 lid that opens both colours at the same time. Keeping the different coloured foams separate can be quite difficult and I find myself trying to awkwardly cover one side while I tip the other colour out. Similarly, when we are tidying up it isn’t easy to get the purple back in its side without dropping bits in to the green and vice versa. In future it would be great to see a lid that could be opened only half way across, helping to keep the different foam colours separate.

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The Overall Verdict

Foam Alive has been played with every few days, which I think really speaks for itself. Piglet enjoys experimenting with it, satisfying his sensory needs as well as getting creative and seeing how it reacts to in different scenarios. It is addictive and can be enjoyed time and time again.

Purple sensory foam

We were sent a Foam Alive Double Flip Pack for the purposes of carrying out a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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