What is Piglet doing to make his mum feel bad about eating food? Check out the funny stage he's at in this post oddhogg.com

Although Piglet has been weaning since around 20 weeks it is only in the last few weeks that he’s really started taking notice of our food. There is no escape. He is always watching. When he stares up at you with those eyes how are you meant to say no?

We are not yet at a point where we will sit down and eat with him – mainly because we don’t have a dining table so we have no where to be together! He eats earlier than we do and for a long time that worked out nicely. When we were eating he was generally in his jumperoo, banging the life out of the floor and totally not fussed by what was going on over on the sofa.

No such luck now! He can sense a snack being made 3 rooms over. As soon as you enter the room with it his eyes are following you. No where is safe – he will spot you.

If you dare to sit down and try to get comfortable to eat he will shout you down. Screaming what I can only presume are insults in his baby language across the room, he does not let up until all signs of food are gone.

My instinct is of course to share with him, but what I eat is not exactly baby friendly (read: complete junk). So instead I feel guilty and end up hiding in the kitchen where he can’t see me. So now I’m a secret eater – fabulous.

Piglet drinking from a cup - food guilt oddhogg.com

There’s only one thing worse than eating in front of Piglet, and thats drinking. He knows exactly what a cup is and how to use it – and he wants all of them! Coffee mugs, water glasses, wine glasses….. he’s not fussy. There has already been one incident with a glass of red wine and some white wall and I’m sure there’s many more to come!

Oh the joys of motherhood!

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