This year we have been putting a lot of focus on our garden. It was a bit of a useless space when we bought the house and completely unsafe for children, but we finally have a light at the end of the tunnel and hope we will be out and enjoying it really soon!

We added a trampoline so that Piggie could get out and enjoy it this summer, and JHogg has been really busy building us a patio. We will now have space to spend time outside as a family, having BBQ’s and playing games. However, all of the outdoor activity means that we are going to end up with outdoor toys and we are going to need somewhere to store them all.

At the moment all of our gardening tools are kept in our garage, but as it appears to be falling down we are hoping to get them out of there sooner rather than later! But what are our options?

1. Storage Benches

One of the most simple options is to use a storage bench. We need to buy outdoor furniture anyway, so this would cover both seating and storage in one go. It wouldn’t take up extra space in the garden and you wouldn’t even notice that the storage part is there. It would be somewhere to put the cushions from the seats, or even some of the smaller garden toys that we want easily accessible.

Garden Storage Options | Kids Trike

2. Deck Storage Boxes

Since we’re going to have such a large patio area, we could choose to get a deck storage box. It would be a perfect way to store the kids outdoor toys in a way that they are still accessible when they want to play with them. Unfortunately they’re not the most attractive of storage options, but it would still look better than having items scattered all over the garden.

Garden Storage Options | Patio

3. Shed

For the big items, like the lawn mower and hedge cutter, there isn’t really any other option than a garden shed. This worried me at first as I really didn’t want an extra expense on top of everything else we’ve spent to make the garden nice, but I have found that there are cheap sheds for sale from GBC group. As much as I’d love to have a minimalistic garden it just wouldn’t be practical, so I think for us a shed is a must!

A quick lick of paint can make a shed sit naturally within the garden, and in fact they can look quite cute these days. I will just have to make sure that JHogg doesn’t start spending hours at a time out in it doing “important stuff” – I’ve got more DIY jobs for him to do!

Garden Storage Options | Shed

This post was written in collaboration with GBC Group.

Ideas For Garden Storage | There is no point in having your dream garden and then cluttering it up with "things" everywhere. I am looking at garden storage options to keep kids garden toys out of the rain and the garden tools locked away overnight.

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