I’m pretty sure that just about every pregnant woman has looked at gender predictions at some point in their pregnancy. It’s a bit of a right of passage isn’t it? We all know they’re just a bit of a laugh, and I won’t go buying baby bits based on them, but it’s fun to try and guess isn’t it!

We tried out 11 different gender predictions (that way we couldn’t get a tied answer!) to see what the old wives tails suggests our latest baby will be. I have also filmed the answers, so if you prefer to watch a video instead then just scroll to the bottom 🙂

Gender Predictions | I tried out 11 fun gender predictions questions before going to our gender scan to find out the sex of the baby. It is a fun way for mums to take a guess at what their baby might be! https://oddhogg.com

1. Chinese Gender Predictor

The Chinese gender prediction uses the month the baby was conceived to predict the sex. I had a look at this when I was pregnant with Piglet and it predicted a boy – which was obviously correct. This baby was conceived in September and I was 27 at the time, so that would mean it is a boy.

2. Craving Sweet Or Salty?

At the start of this pregnancy I was all about the salty foods. I was eating loads of salt and vinegar crisps, as they were the one food that didn’t leave a funny taste in my mouth afterwards. As things have progressed though, I am now definitely more interested in sweet foods. I have some Oreo truffles in the fridge that are calling my name! So I’d say sweet cravings at this stage, and that would indicate a girl.

3. Has Your Partner Gained Weight?

Despite the fact we’ve just had the Christmas period, JHogg hasn’t gained weight. In fact I think he’s lost a little as he’s been trying to watch what he eats and stay more active. So that’s a no, and indicates a boy.

4. Is Your Face Rounder?

Oh yes. I have no actually gained weight yet in this pregnancy, I am still 2 kg down from there I started thanks to morning sickness! I have been changing shape though and shifting where I carry my weight around. My face definitely looks and feels rounder this time, and that apparently means a girl.

5. Is Your Bump High Or Low?

I am carrying really quite low so far. Piglet was really high up and it was super uncomfortable, but this baby feels a bit like it could just fall out the bottom at any moment. And a low bump indicates a boy!

6. Skin Break-Outs?

I usually have fairly clear skin, but one of the first things that made me think I might be pregnant was the major break-outs I started getting. My skin has been pretty bad every since and I’m just not used to it. The say girls steal their mothers beauty, and so more break-outs would be a girl.

7. Morning Sickness?

Oh yes. No doubt in my mind about that one. I am 19 weeks and still being sick most days. Apparently morning sickness would indicate a girl, but I was just as sick with Piglet so I don’t think I believe this one much!

8. Increase In Leg Hair?

Errrr what?! I don’t think so…. but I haven’t exactly gone around measuring it. I’m actually very lucky in the leg hair department, in that I don’t generally have very much at all. I think the theory in this is that an increase in leg hair can occur thanks to the testosterone from carry a baby boy. Or something like that? But it’s a no from me and that indicates a girl.

9. Are You Carrying Weight On Your Front? Or On Your Hips, Bum & Thighs?

I’m definitely carrying weight on my hips right now! I usually have a right mum tum but it’s shifted over to my hips. Apparently thats what happens with a girl.

10. Has Your Nose Increased In Size?

What a weird one?! No I don’t think it has – not noticeably so anyway! So that would mean a girl.

11. Has Your Chest Grown?

No. In fact, I actually feel like it’s even smaller than usual in this pregnancy – if that’s even possible! No increase in size is meant to indicate a girl.

So with only 3 of these showing a boy, and 8 showing a girl I think the jury is out on this one. Now to wait and see what the scan says!

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