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Getting Back To The School Run | AD

After what feels like the longest 9 weeks ever it is finally happening – nurseries and schools are going back here in Scotland. It might only be for kids up to P3 but that covers both my children so I am very very happy! Not only with my kids benefit from time with their peers, structure will return to our weeks and I might even get dressed in something other than my pyjamas occasionally. Or at least I hope I will!

Getting out of the house for 8am every morning is going to be a bit of a shock to the system, I won’t lie. The lazy mornings have been a hidden blessing of lockdown life. So when I’m trying to get the kids dressed and out the door on time I don’t want to spend hours putting together a look for myself. I like things that I can throw on and go, without hours of styling and primping in front of the mirror.

This time of year, where it’s not quite spring but the weather is thinking that it could maybe consider warming up a bit, I often reach for knitwear. It’s warm enough that I don’t always have to wear a jacket – especially if I’m just hopping out of the car to drop a child off – but I don’t like it too bulky incase I do need a coat for rainy days.

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One of my favourite knitted jumpers is cropped – a fairly unusual choice for me. I love how loose and comfortable it is, letting air flow in so I can be kept both cool or hot depending on what I need. The pattern is a bold choice for me but I love that it can be a bit of a feature in my otherwise fairly muted wardrobe. Here I have paired it with my pale coloured mum jeans, but I think it would also look great with black jeans or leggings.

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Let’s be honest though – the chances of me ditching the loungewear completely is pretty slim. I haven’t spent the last 11 months wearing joggers to suddenly give them up completely! And so for me it is all about incorporating the loungewear into my wardrobe out of the house. I have been a big fan of sweatshirts and hoodies for my whole life, so tossing a simple grey sweatshirt on with jeans comes naturally to me. Adding grey joggers is just the next step, with my white trainers it makes a cute look for outside the school gates.

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