This review is for a game suitable for over 18’s only.

JHogg and I love a good game night. For Christmas most years we will give one another a new game to play. We take them away with us when we stay in lodges around Scotland, and get them out on New Years Eve to play with my siblings until midnight. In recent years we’ve been deviating from the traditional board games on to some of the bit more silly games too.

We were lucky enough to be sent Gutterhead to try and and see what we thought. It is described as being like Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity had a baby – which straight away had us intrigued!

Gutterhead Review | Playing Cards


The box is sleek and black, very simple in design and with a little devil/angel character on the front as the only hint as to what might be waiting inside. Once we opened it up we found:

  • 240 Playing Cards (Split in to 5 categories)
  • Playing Board
  • Dice
  • Instructions/rules
  • 4 Mini Whiteboards
  • 4 Wipeable Whiteboard Pens
  • 4 Poo Shaped Playing Pieces

Gutterhead Review | Game Board

Playing The Game

The premise of the game is really simple. You split in to teams and try and make your way around the board. Cards are picked based on the colour you land on and you all become budding artists with your drawing attempts. It gets a lot of laughs, and you’d be amazed how creative people can be when trying to draw some of the more “inappropriate” prompts!

Gutterhead Review | Poo Card

Our Thoughts

My favourite part about the prompt cards are the little added comments underneath, which serve as a humorous “explanation” for what you’re being asked to draw. They had me chuckling just as much as some of the drawings themselves. And don’t even get me started on some of the answers that are shouted out – it’s a real eye opener with some people!

Gutterhead Review | Playing cards

The whiteboard and pens are holding out well. I think they are a great addition as they are reusable, rather than wasting paper every time you play. I also appreciate the speed at which you can wipe away a mistake you’ve made in your drawing if you want to.

The game is nice and simple, which is just what you need if you’ve got a larger group of people wanting to play – especially after a few drinks. The game comes with a short-cut option for a shorter game if you want, perfect to keep things short but sweet. There is also no need to worry about you becoming too accustomed to the card prompts as expansion packs are available to keep things interesting – the perfect little extra to give on birthdays and Christmas. It is fully of lighthearted fun, but watch out for the competitive streak!

Gutterhead Review | Board and playing pieces

We have played Gutterhead twice now, and I can’t wait until we have another excuse to get it out and have a laugh with friends – we just need to get the kids safely tucked up in bed first!

You can purchase for £29.95 from Amazon or the Gutterhead website now.

We were sent Gutterhead to try out for the purposes of carrying out this review. All words and opinions are my own.