Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! There’s no getting around it – I’ve been a bit AWOL around here. Since becoming pregnant I have really struggled to maintain our “normal”, morning sickness floored me and just as I was starting to see a light at the end of the sickness tunnel I was struck with a cold. Then a sickness bug. And now another cold.

But I’m back! I’m tired of feeling so run down so I’ve got my positive pants on and am powering forward. It’s only the 5th of January and we already have lots planned for throughout the year, and I want to share it with you.

Happy New Year | 2018 is going to be a pretty big year for us as a family. I have shared the plans we have already https://oddhogg.com


I think the most notable for our family this year is going to be the arrival of the new baby in May. We are both excited and terrified about this in equal measures, and I am enjoying the time with Piglet alone before baby is here! I have been documenting my pregnancy more closely on YouTube – so if you want to see regular updates then be sure to check them out over there.

That’s not all for us this year though. Next month Piglet turns 2. I swear it was just his first birthday the other day, but actually he has changed almost beyond recognition. A year ago he had only just learnt to sit, he couldn’t crawl and had absolutely no interest in learning how, and walking was still a long way off. These days he runs us around in circles, talking our ears off and repeating all sorts of things that he shouldn’t. He is a proper little toddler and keeps us on our toes!

We’ve already got one family holiday booked for later in the year. In October my whole extended family is off to Florida so the kids can meet Mickey Mouse. You might think we’re a bit insane, travelling so far with a 4 month old, and I’d be inclined to agree if I’m honest. We couldn’t miss out with everyone else going though, so we will go and make it work!

We are also hoping to go away just the 3 of us for a long weekend in February or March. We want to stay within Scotland really, but go away and spend some time together before I get too pregnant and grumpy. Our lives are so busy usually that I think we’d all like a little time out.

Happy New Year | Piglet https://oddhogg.com


Unlike last year, I haven’t set myself any major goals or targets for this year. I really just want to keep things afloat in amongst the big changes that are happening for the family. That said, I would of course like things to continue to grow. This blog is my main source of income, and as such I am always going to want bigger and better things for it!

I have been experimenting with YouTube in the second half of 2017, and I am quite interested in where that is going to take me. My target for 2018 is to hit 1000 subscribers. That is about double what I have at the moment, so it is quite a big ask really. But as that is my only real “goal” of the year I might as well make it a good one!

Happy New Year! | 2018 https://oddhogg.com

That is it for our year so far! I’m sure the plans will continue to change and grow as the year goes on, but from where I’m sitting it’s looking like a pretty good start 🙂


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