A car made up of different parts with super hero designs on them

Herodrive Marvel Heros: Mod Squad Superhero Cars Review | AD

When it comes to my boys the one toy that I know they will both always go for is a car. JJ loves to push them around the kitchen floor, while Piglet takes a more strategic approach with races and adventures. When we received a set of Herodrive Marvel vehicles it didn’t take the boys long to pounce on them, the lure super heros and cars too good to miss.

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Speed Squad Mini Cars

The three smaller vehicles, the Speed Squad, are around 3 inches long and 2 inches high, making them the perfect size for little hands. We have The Hulk, Captain America and Spiderman, Piget’s favourite. They whiz around the floor, looking like miniature monster trucks with giant wheels. I think it is this, as well as the superhero designs, that makes them so appealing to kids.

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Piglet has been sure to make sure each of the vehicles takes on the characteristics of their associated hero. There have been many Hulk smashes going on, and Spiderman has spent a fair amount of time driving over my furniture and flinging himself off it.

I like the size of the speed squad cars as they fit nicely in my changing bag for taking out and about. They would also be perfect little stocking fillers, if Santa was looking for some new ideas!

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Herodrive Mod Squad Vehicles

The 2 bigger vehicles are from the Herodrive Mod Squad and measure up at around 7 inches long, but vary in height depending on the character. We have Iron Man and Spiderman. Each vehicle comes in 3 parts which are held together by magnets. There is also a bonus extra piece of the Captain America car, once you’ve collected the 3 Mod Squad vehicles you will have all the parts for the 4th car. Piglet is gutted that we don’t have the last one, The Hulk, and I think I’m going to look for it for his Christmas so we can complete the set.

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The magnets that hold the vehicles together are really easy to pull apart. That means kids have no issues in rearranging the cars, making their own fun mash ups to race. Piglet’s favourite thing to do is take all 3 middle pieces and put them together, with one front and one back, to make a giant car. It didn’t take long until the “proper” vehicles were a rare sight as Piglet prefers the mismatched cars.

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The cars look hilarious when they’re all mixed up, but they can’t handle too much banging around of the magnets tend to come apart. If you have a clear path though then they will speed along when pushed. My kids think it’s far funnier to push them in to one another though and watch them fall apart.

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We have loved trying out the Marvel Herodrive vehicles. We have had them for almost 2 months now and they are regularly played with, both inside and outside and so far they show very little wear and tear. All we need now is to buy the rest to complete the set!

We were sent some Marvel Herodrive vehicles for the purposes of carrying out a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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